What if, the thread.?

1 Name: Anonymous 2021-02-14 04:10
What if; and hear me out, natural was an embargo against fiction. Think this though, if fiction is non-real, what makes nature the absolute? Peace. This peace, at the lost of welcoming the paradise of physical beingdom, knows itself, and knows its goal. This goal; which not under its absolute resolve, understates its fiction as if it were non-real; so the reality of its fiction is the natural effect of binding law. This law, still under control; EFFECTS US, in our world of solipsism. Drugs make meaning effects, so while the drugs arent real, the reality of ourselves knows its character by its trademark income bracket. Without a bracket to desolve the bible, there is no property. Property is a law of the psychic enforcement of self. SELF, DOES NOT EXPLICIT MEANING.

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