Watch anime and manga

1 Name: Anonymous 2020-09-14 23:07

An alarmingly-high percentage of those who watch anime and manga, have been deprived of the knowledge necessary to interact successfully with other human beings. Anime is nothing more than cartoons with featureless expressions, expressions that the audience often mimic and attempt to pass off as "socializing". More often than not, this is met with derision and scorn, as it should be.

Those who watch anime have not matured. They are stuck in eternal limbo between childhood and pubescence, completely unable to respond appropriately to others in the outside world. I suppose as long as they're contributing to society in some manner, shape or form by working a computer job from home instead of polluting outside with their awkward ugliness and foul scent, then I have no major issue with them.

tl;dr: watch all the anime you want, manchild, but don't bring your stink anywhere near me.

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