Sword Art Online

1 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-13 17:07
RAPE. I want more of it.

I just watched the most recent episode of SAO, and there's a tentacle rape scene. Reddit is talking about how "CoNtRoVeRsIal" it is, but I enjoyed it.

What I found weird about the scene is that some of the comments from the assaulter didn't make sense. For example, when she says something like "you've never seen a naked human woman have you?" After ripping off Leefa's breastplate, but the assaulter herself was almost bare naked while leefa was heavily clothed still. And the camera shot of her chest after ripping of the beast plate as if it was to show how exposed Leefa is now. But really the breast plate ripping didn't reveal anything.

So I read this section in the light novel, and then it made sense. In the LN, Leefa's upper body gets completely exposed, titties and everything. If you rewatch the scene with this knowledge, you can see they wanted to animate Leefa totally topless, but couldn't fir obvious censorship reasons. Now that shot of her chest after the breastplate gets ripped off feels like a total cockblock.

Why isn't there more high production hentai that could actually stand as a normal anime with hentai scenes? I want what SAO is teasing. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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