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1Faggot /prog/gers.52021-08-25 01:17
2John McAfee dead.32021-06-27 00:54
3decentralized textboard?42021-07-15 19:17
4IRC network for /programmers/32021-06-19 01:43
5[l10n] localization with css-only32021-05-23 08:50
6If it's not bitcoin or ether, it's a shitcoin102021-05-17 19:21
7I want to learn to use Linux.292021-05-06 05:18
8Explain why you're not currently running TempleOS.142021-05-05 07:49
9Quantum mechanics thread.192021-05-05 04:28
10How do I git gud at programming?12021-05-04 04:16
11AI or a prediction algorithm42021-05-04 04:13
12ipconfig not working?62021-04-29 07:36
13How to keep my website running after I'm dead?52021-04-27 20:32
14PI thread.72021-04-21 17:42
1515.ai project.62021-04-21 15:26
16Please help with this functional differential equation.102021-04-17 19:09
17Functional differential equation.72021-04-17 15:46
18Good tech college.52021-04-16 14:26
19The solution?162021-04-14 17:35
20Are numbers real?122021-04-13 11:25
21net neutrality.12021-04-06 18:25
22Google search keywords ?102021-04-05 18:51
23/prog/ the way to go ?12021-04-04 18:52
24Why didn't you people buy crypto like me?52021-04-04 18:16
25I decided to stop fucking horses52021-04-02 19:50
266÷2(1+2)=352021-04-02 19:50
27programmers pls help.122021-04-01 21:52
28(a^2)b or b ?92021-04-01 18:41
29How do people download 4k Youtube videos in 2021?72021-03-25 20:34
30Pi programmer girlfriend.42021-03-23 21:35
31Mozilla have a new plugin, RegretsReporter.42021-03-21 13:43
32As presented to the jury:112021-03-19 08:21
33Is hCaptcha safer than reCaptcha to use.52021-03-19 07:54
34Apparently artificial intelligences can be racist bow22021-03-19 05:17
35Wikipedia speedrun62021-03-12 23:48
36Making a 2d game in C#142021-03-12 05:51
37BTC telegram bot102021-03-10 16:52
38What is AMFTrace.log ?32021-03-09 20:11
39Spread the virus...102021-03-09 20:10
40Is /prog/ the worst board on the tinychan?212021-03-09 06:14
41holy shit, this is actually happening52021-03-07 18:57
42Programming on YouTube.12021-03-07 02:04
43How does one get into posting deepfake porn?22021-03-01 09:30
44Any linux fags here willing to help a noob out?42021-02-25 23:18
45Quantum physics/computing ?82021-02-24 10:49
46How do I get passed Gmail account verification?322021-02-22 11:44
47btc is about to jump again dramatically72021-02-22 11:30
48Shelling out money to buy a script12021-02-21 20:02
49Free BTC coins.92021-02-21 19:55
50Cryptography and Privacy is bullshit.422021-02-21 19:52
51I have destroyed a programming discord server.402021-02-20 11:24
52Are there any IT programmers on here?222021-02-18 16:10
53Is it illegal to disable the neural network ?22021-02-17 12:07
54I got access to a crypto wallet.82021-02-16 05:24
55latency guide12021-02-12 13:44
56Crypto mining password generator.12021-02-12 02:49
57Q33NY52021-02-11 02:23
58ITT The best programming language ?42021-02-08 20:57
59I've been in a mental hospital.32021-02-07 02:47
604ct engine52021-02-06 19:58
61Container with a volume of 400m^3142021-02-06 19:53
62Have successfully de-Googled?22021-02-04 17:18
63VPN ban list?12021-02-03 21:15
64Oracle senior software engineer.12021-01-31 14:06
65How do you turn off this shit? Like permanently?252021-01-12 18:13
66Buy inflated bitcoin! Buy inflated bitcoin!12021-01-09 17:53
67Is there a free version of Redhat linux?52020-12-30 05:39
68is piracy justified?172020-12-30 05:39
69Twiiter censoring the right.22020-12-27 05:36
70New Code of Conduct22020-12-26 17:08
71CentOS dead.22020-12-26 17:02
72test72020-12-21 20:49
73Google Chrome slowing down my programming.12020-12-16 07:15
74Unity code thread.22020-12-14 01:00
75Traversing filesystem.22020-11-16 15:02
76Monitor calibration images with full range of each color.42020-11-11 10:38
77Brute force an Instagram account.12020-11-10 04:06
78Noobs12020-11-01 00:30
79Russian and Chinese hackers.192020-10-30 20:24
80Bash scripting482020-10-20 21:31
81Sketchfab42020-10-08 15:09
824Chan's /g/ just leaked the source code for Windows XP32020-09-28 00:26
83Федеральная служба безопасности Российской Федерации voter22020-09-20 12:23
84the new terry davis32020-09-17 17:23
85Joe Biden lean to code.22020-09-16 06:57
86AUTOEXEC.BAT82020-09-10 20:26
87AI meme banning.102020-09-01 05:08
88Need a new web browser !32020-08-30 21:40
89Just coded a backend72020-08-29 01:25
90New facebook account gets instantly banned ?182020-08-27 20:29
91discord place i had social interaction92020-08-27 04:40
92What CAN you do in 2020?62020-08-24 18:39
93Teach me how to code.52020-08-21 23:16
94reCAPTCHA and Cloudflare Broke the Internet.22020-08-19 21:31
95Pretty Elite Hackers.192020-08-17 20:06
96Spy and get revenge on your enemies.72020-08-13 13:52
97Hacker software.192020-08-11 18:10
98Yahtzee discord bot.12020-08-08 18:55
99Imagine a YandereDev Simulator.12020-08-08 00:40
100yes university is a waste of time and money62020-08-05 19:32
101What are your opinions on the homeless?22020-07-29 21:14
102Social anxiety has ruined my fucking life52020-07-29 20:17
103textboards.json92020-07-29 19:31
104How do i mathematically write ?32020-07-29 19:02
105Is Google Chrome your preferred browser?42020-07-26 19:10
106redpill me on linux /prog/552020-07-26 17:27
107Anybody here use Tor?212020-07-26 02:58
108Looking for contributors.32020-07-25 22:56
109Python code.802020-07-18 09:44
110Is SQL easy?22020-07-12 22:43
111Nigga u srs?12020-06-27 20:54
112.io gets blacked.32020-06-18 20:54
113Whats the name for this?32020-06-15 20:31
114Why don't you post /prog/ thread?32020-06-14 17:28
115Do you know of any good CB amplifiers?22020-06-13 23:22
116Impostor Syndrome thread.32020-06-13 19:55
117Voltage, current and power.92020-06-04 21:06
118Blocked on Discord.52020-06-04 21:05
119AI is the only meaningful thing that mankind has done.142020-06-04 21:04
120Can someone explain to me how to properly torrent?182020-06-04 21:00
121Why is gmail terminating my account?52020-06-04 21:00
122What’s so useful about tor?102020-06-04 20:59
123How do you guys maintain data backups?122020-06-04 20:59
124Windows 10 freezes up.172020-06-04 20:58
125How great is python?42020-06-04 20:58
126Haven't torrented in forever.302020-06-04 20:57
127Smartphone jammer32020-06-04 20:57
128Any javascript React devs to give some starting tips?22020-06-04 20:56
129Sonzaishinai World72020-06-04 20:55
130Why windows 10 updates are so shitty?32020-06-04 20:55
131What the best back end?22020-06-04 20:54
132Discord server32020-06-04 20:54
133Dead Nigger Mugshots.22020-06-04 20:54
134Excel training books.72018-12-09 17:31
135Programmers help me!162018-12-05 23:56
136My external HD is not showing up on my Mac.102018-12-02 19:18
137I need help with a bash script.82018-11-25 00:48
138I need to make a function.32018-11-25 00:33
139iOS vs Android.32018-11-25 00:49
140why the hell dont you use linux?422018-11-22 22:28
141My classmates databases12018-11-22 21:31
142Java vs C92018-11-21 01:07
143I need to write a project to school.32018-11-18 20:51
144I’m new to coding and haven’t learned shit.342018-11-18 19:19
145Am I the only one still heavily invested in Bitcoin?62018-11-17 21:02
146What's the best browser?42018-11-17 19:52
147I'm a console guy.32018-11-17 19:41
148Learn website hacking?182018-11-18 20:40
149C++ Thread142018-10-12 23:48
150doing a computing degree at university32018-10-12 23:02
151MOST COMMON PASSWORDS OF 201752018-10-12 22:59
152Redpill me on the deep web.112018-11-05 23:56
153What are the top 3 programming languages to learn?802018-10-17 02:08
154Anyone have tips to avoid Akamai's bot detection?62018-10-12 22:34
155The Linux Debacle.192018-10-12 22:33
156Setting up a dedicated server for a Tor hidden service282018-10-12 22:30
157The 3-2-1 back-up method.12018-10-06 10:00
158Steve Jobs is the devil.222017-06-28 22:05
159Not Javascript, but code thread.62017-06-12 16:17
160Anyone here work with SQL?32017-05-20 05:11
161Associated string.42017-05-12 22:40
162Most Containment Textboard.102020-06-14 16:22