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1Finally PROOF of the Islamisation of Britain.32019-03-22 06:42
2Oluwaseyi Omooba is homophobic.12019-03-22 06:40
3It's depressive you condone the actions of a psychopath.532019-03-21 20:13
4Nig-nog goes on knife and fork rampage in Norway22019-03-19 22:45
5Now that the war has started,52019-03-18 18:18
6Brenton Tarrant a false flag.212019-03-17 17:44
7People in New Zealand are mentally ill.32019-03-17 15:48
8Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Thread.702019-03-17 12:12
9The Brexit Lie.132019-03-16 19:01
10Brenton Harrison Tarrant272019-03-16 19:00
11Vapers are assholes.12019-03-12 12:09
12Immigrant Broadcasting Corporation.12019-03-11 12:19
13Immigrant Broadcasting Corporation.12019-03-11 12:15
14Donald J Trump8102019-03-09 20:07
15The idea that gays can experience love is stupid.132019-03-07 05:03
16Feminism has ruined the housewife fantasy.22019-03-07 04:54
17Niggers the fact we consider them human is insulting.462019-03-07 04:48
18British government to ban porn.132019-03-07 04:35
19Climate Delayer.82019-03-05 06:35
20I am from Sweden.12019-03-02 20:58
21Hoda Muthana822019-02-24 00:34
22World War 3102019-02-23 23:53
23British Muslim Awards32019-02-23 20:57
24A transwoman is a real woman and a transman is a real man.152019-02-23 14:58
25Race baiter Jussie Smollett suspended.12019-02-22 22:51
26depreschan62019-02-24 00:42
27Bernie Sanders Thread.152019-02-19 22:51
28The white right to exist!362019-02-19 12:56
29Shamina Begum.12019-02-18 12:33
30There’s only two genders.352019-02-16 17:11
31There is life on other planets?352019-02-16 16:24
32Convince me to become a left winger, /newpol/632019-02-15 22:49
33What do you think about these two morons?72019-02-13 06:49
34Why do women study post graduate degrees?152019-02-10 18:54
35Retard coal.22019-02-10 00:14
36Leftist Anti Trump Radio Station cuts off Nigel.22019-02-09 22:43
37Government list.362019-02-09 22:43
38What do you think about the police?62019-02-09 22:36
39How different were these species compared to us?282019-02-09 19:56
40Should i livestream it.242019-02-09 22:32
41Wage-gap discrimination.22019-02-07 21:02
42What's actually happening in France?22019-02-06 20:24
43The BBC are in full panic mode.472019-02-05 21:36
44African Muslim rapes Swedish girl.292019-02-05 21:21
45Blackface.342019-02-04 12:48
46The Changing Color of America.372019-02-03 20:25
47Mary Poppins racist says ill-educated US academic.12019-02-03 20:09
48So the entire Middle East is raping their way through Europe22019-02-03 18:45
49Goatfinger82019-02-03 18:39
50Michelle Obama is a man.52019-02-03 18:37
51Another antifa fag bites the dust.212019-02-02 20:04
52How do we rid Cuck,Black, faggot & anti-Trump threads202019-01-27 18:27
53How violent blacks are.202019-01-27 18:20
54Racism is correct.302019-01-27 17:22
55Ask me about the yellow vets movement622019-01-26 16:53
56Thoughts?72019-01-26 14:11
57Hello, any LGBT Americans here on this board ?142019-01-19 20:59
58why don't people give more of a shit about article 13?232019-01-19 20:52
59SpeedPak and eBay.192019-01-19 20:23
60Why are goatfinger archiving all our threads?202019-01-19 19:21
61What are your opinions on scientology anons?102019-01-07 20:29
62Islam is progressive.12019-01-07 19:06
63Will Germany wake up? Or are they doomed.982019-01-06 22:58
64So a fat woman moved into our place.92019-01-06 00:17
65Why as a people are we so polarized?1032019-01-05 22:16
66Did you listen to her speech brits?1382019-01-01 00:28
67Why don't you millennials quit whining.92019-01-01 00:28
68Recent governmental and political censorship.22019-01-01 00:18
69THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS BEING "INCEL"242018-12-30 00:58
70I know you all can always give great advice...172018-12-30 00:57
71General tranny hate thread.1792018-12-30 00:55
72Goatfinger is full of Cuckfingers.242018-12-30 00:44
73Everyone on Earth has Neanderthal genes except niggers.12018-12-29 23:16
74What exactly have blacks invented?192018-12-29 02:15
75Angela Merkel appreciation thread12018-12-28 20:48
76Interstellar travel.62018-12-28 17:43
77I am contacting you from the year 2029.172018-12-26 22:33
78Why isn’t this big news?222018-12-24 20:51
79The Moon has a size difference.292018-12-24 15:47
80How to stop Islam from swallowing Europe?312018-12-22 20:52
81It is common for people to vent about racial issues here.12018-12-22 20:18
82Gatwick airport drone attack32018-12-22 20:09
83Transfeminism.12018-12-22 14:00
84Jews are the degeneracies of the world.42018-12-22 01:00
85North Sentinel Island.512018-12-22 17:48
86Hari Kondabolu212018-12-18 06:45
87Warzone Christmas Markets.12018-12-12 06:37
88Warzone Paris.412018-12-10 06:37
89Immigrants murdering immigrants in Briton.42018-12-09 16:50
90Islam promotes killing people.12018-12-09 12:20
91There's a Tumblr problem right now.482018-12-08 22:23
92Globalist corporations are promoting racemixing.12018-12-08 14:21
93Tumblr is blocking adult content on December 17th.522018-12-08 11:55
94Song removed by radio station for being offensive.32018-12-08 10:57
95#metoo lies12018-12-03 00:40
96How many genders are there?992018-12-02 18:04
97Is this racist?82018-12-05 21:12
98George HW Bush dead.82018-12-01 18:08
99Black Lives Matter102018-12-01 00:19
100Should Antifa be banned?172018-12-01 00:17
101Transgender Ejected From Bathroom, Insanity Ensues! CRINGE12018-11-30 22:58
102Nigger Samuel Little worst serial killers in US history.52018-11-29 21:04
103Incels are being converted to conservatives by PJW, JP, etc.382018-12-01 00:18
104The Earth is flat.182018-11-29 20:40
105Article 13.212018-11-28 19:36
106Africa, what has this large piece of land even produced?752018-11-26 08:56
107Alex Jones censored from the internet.232018-11-25 21:05
108Should newpol(wh)ite supremacy be a thing?12018-11-25 21:03
109This beaner is not white what the fuck.672018-11-24 22:42
110I met a bunch of trans people.182018-11-24 19:19
111The Left are all NPC's.1602018-11-18 19:21
112Convince me Socialism/Communism isn't a load of crap.912018-11-17 19:32
113High capacity firearms are going to be banned.1372018-11-17 18:24
114Formal notice that this board confuses me.312018-11-13 12:13
115White people hate thread...192018-11-13 07:09
116You antisemitic fucks make me sick.1432018-11-11 19:53
117/lounge/ faggots calling for /newpol/ to be removed.912018-11-10 17:24
118Tucker House Attack412018-11-09 21:18
119The great wall of U.S.A.1762018-11-09 06:59
120It's happening! Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.2192018-11-25 21:30
121what's so wrong about blackface.762018-11-01 21:18
122The EU just voted for the suicide of European cultures.982018-10-28 00:22
123why would whites want to become a minority?412018-10-28 00:13
124Synagogue shooter was a /newpol/tard232018-10-27 21:22
125Third wave feminists lose their shit over sandwich.72018-10-25 11:42
126The State of Modern Sweden.672018-10-20 17:51
127Black Lives Matter.1282018-10-20 00:09
128Tommy Robinson is a hero.72018-10-15 16:16
129Shock Conspiracy232018-10-14 17:37
130UK Government plans to cap calories.1802018-10-14 17:19
131A World Without Conflict.42018-09-30 15:48
132Anti-Whites in America.1012018-09-29 19:13
133Why is this place so popular now?152018-09-28 20:50
134Reality check82018-09-27 19:51
135Snowflakes392018-09-26 21:26
136No wonder your women crave muslim cock lmao.182018-09-26 21:18
137Whats happening to Alex Jones is fucking disgusting.1642018-09-25 20:47
138Saving the Jews.312018-09-25 20:48
139Germany needs your Help,352018-06-23 18:31
140John McCain has Brain Cancer12017-07-20 00:14
141Why whites are in the position they're in12017-07-06 06:03
142My day42018-09-30 15:49
143Britain needs more heroes like Darren Osborne52017-06-27 06:39
144Grenfell tower 9/11282017-06-18 01:19
145Allah and Islam is the dominant force in this world.212017-06-17 19:57
146Why does Antifa scum supports Islamic extremism?82017-06-13 05:27
147Ariana Grande162017-07-06 05:50
148Bring me up to speed on Shia LaBeouf.72017-05-31 08:18
149How much pension will I get ?12017-05-24 14:07
150Clinton had Seth Rich killed.42017-05-22 19:03
151The Gay Community.242017-05-17 03:35
152Can anyone relate to this shit?92017-05-17 02:01
153Official Eurovison 2017 thread.3252017-05-15 22:43
154So what's with this blue whale challenge?112017-05-13 02:52
155Any law fags on here?52017-05-11 03:31