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1Gut illegal immigration or cut Taxes.12021-12-04 22:59
2What it like in muttland?72021-12-04 22:18
3The Michigan school shooter's MAGA parents have been caught.672021-12-04 21:33
4Michigan school shooting parents.672021-12-04 19:28
5Four jab Boris, get the jab!12021-11-30 18:06
6I've had it with these leftist Trannies.72021-11-30 14:06
7The fall of the USA.22021-11-30 09:20
8New Paki CEO of Twitter is a racist.12021-11-29 22:04
9What took Boris Johnson 3 weeks to lockdown airports.12021-11-29 20:19
10God the US is so fucked.32021-11-27 15:22
11Daphne Westbrook.22021-11-25 21:47
12how to animate islam22021-11-25 14:32
13Thanksgiving.52021-11-25 14:31
14Black and British.72021-11-23 20:50
15A Christmas parade before thanksgiving… kek12021-11-22 14:08
16Why is America still considered a first world country?22021-11-21 14:28
17AOC Kills sales of Irn-Bru in Scotland and UK.22021-11-21 14:23
18Why didn't Trump fired Fauci ?12021-11-21 13:30
19Property is more important than people's lives.12021-11-20 20:19
20HEIL HITLER12021-11-20 19:22
21Joe Biden's inappropriate showers with daughter.402021-11-11 14:17
22PROTECT AGAINST COVID1972021-11-07 17:11
23The myth of the system is rigged12021-11-07 17:06
24RACISM IS GROWING12021-11-07 16:40
25Niggers Chimp Fest leaves 11 confirmed dead so far262021-11-06 13:59
26The dinghy people from France ?32021-11-05 16:10
27Wrong about the COVID vaccine?282021-11-04 06:12
28Climate Change is a lie to sale you Chinese junk.22021-11-03 02:27
29Anti Shill Awareness Thread1132021-11-10 20:49
30The cities fucking sucks352021-10-24 15:49
31Part time jobs in restaurant.22021-10-24 14:06
32The US will collapse like Yugoslavia did!22021-10-24 12:15
33I'm double vaxxed.22021-10-24 12:04
34Two societies.12021-10-24 11:54
35I voted Democrat every election since the 80s.572021-10-24 11:53
36Welcome to niggerville USA.22021-10-23 19:08
37Just a reminder and/or some info on the term Antisemitism42021-10-23 18:29
38VPN is not a choice.22021-10-23 17:52
39YLYL Divine justice edition12021-10-23 17:40
40Alec The Killer172021-10-23 14:50
41I don't get it42021-10-16 20:05
42illegal immigrants entering the UK by boats.22021-10-11 19:18
43Bush, Clinton and Obama.12021-10-02 18:59
44Smuggling KFC.12021-09-26 17:11
45Why Biden is mandating vaccines22021-09-18 14:52
46Solve the nigger question.132021-09-06 16:40
47Its not ending.22021-09-06 10:49
48Mud hut black Americans.142021-09-02 21:19
49Black and British.42021-09-02 16:41
50More Nigger Crimes.42021-09-02 16:40
51Nuked random discord.42021-09-01 22:40
52Why do niggers think everyone hates them ?762021-09-01 22:33
53The COVID-19 vaccine does not work affectively.352021-08-30 17:41
54Afghanistan refugees.232021-08-30 13:02
55Isabella Janke192021-08-10 19:36
56chris chan152021-08-10 19:30
57Trans people are mentally ill.222021-08-08 17:49
58Donald J Trump8362021-08-04 20:16
59British universities22021-08-02 00:12
60When the Doctor jumped the tranny.12021-07-31 17:09
61Third immigration town goes bankrupt.12021-07-03 15:15
62120 Days...22021-06-30 12:47
63Google funded Covid-19 biological weapon research.22021-06-30 09:32
64Jahangir Ali22021-06-29 13:25
65Stopping blacks from shoplifting is racist.12021-06-16 01:17
66Joe Biden the Senile IRA supporting old man.12021-06-10 14:26
67Marxist yank Matthew Katzman.12021-06-09 12:45
68Democrats lose minds.12021-06-06 13:01
69Undocumented Bidens12021-06-05 18:33
70Joe Biden12021-05-29 06:24
71Interracial couple on TV commercials.102021-05-23 11:48
72Why did Joe Rogan delete his Youtube videos ?162021-05-22 10:54
73Fascist lefty scum.12021-05-21 14:27
74Is the corona bullshit done.42021-05-20 15:29
75Hesburger32021-05-20 15:29
76Racist server where people have a manifesto on kikes132021-05-20 15:28
77Hitler was right about the Jews12021-05-20 15:09
78It should be legal to rape and slaughter niggers.22021-05-19 15:19
79I'm not a big fan of African-American culture.22021-05-18 21:04
80Muslim pride in London.12021-05-18 21:00
81Race is just skin color.72021-05-18 15:21
82Joe Biden starts Israel war.42021-05-14 07:07
83Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson12021-05-13 13:47
84Nigger gets SIX-year sentence for murder.12021-05-12 09:33
85What is Zionism?22021-05-11 18:03
86It was a hit job !12021-05-11 18:00
87White Fragility12021-05-09 21:13
88You didn't actually take the untested vaccine did you?422021-05-09 10:11
89Immigrants complaining that Britain is too white.12021-05-09 08:51
90Fuck redditors and Fuck BLM.162021-05-08 08:12
91How can we trust Mi5 and GCHQ ?12021-05-06 06:12
92Ace Ruele Aristotles to be Deported.302021-05-06 04:01
93White nationalism152021-05-04 04:22
94Indian Covid-19 convenient.432021-05-03 07:34
95I Studied education in College.42021-05-03 07:14
96Why is black culture so childish ?432021-05-03 07:09
97Can we make a fucking invite-only board in this website?362021-05-03 02:30
98Biden is the most dangerous President America has ever seen!22021-05-01 22:06
99Europe is turning into a third world warzone.12021-04-29 21:25
100Hitler knew more about America than the americans.152021-04-29 21:15
101Another Gun Nigger Dead.312021-04-27 23:42
102Explain to me why Genocide is bad.732021-04-27 23:16
103Say it with me, Black Lives Matter.42021-04-25 18:01
104Travon Chadwell12021-04-25 18:00
105USA always getting shit on.22021-04-25 00:39
106Cleanse Congress292021-04-24 18:15
107The rona china coof282021-04-24 17:52
108Aimee Challenor102021-04-24 17:49
109Anti-vaxxers are people who believe vaccines are unsafe.252021-04-24 17:41
110She dindu nuffim wong, racists.92021-04-24 13:36
111Covid-19 bloodclots?32021-04-24 00:31
112Covid-19 current strains.162021-04-24 00:10
113Entertain us and you shall be rewarded!22021-04-23 22:37
114Scared so they vote guilty.262021-04-23 22:26
115Hey /newpol/, can I get a hand with class?42021-04-23 18:00
116Why do niggers think they matter?42021-04-23 17:54
117ITT: Pro Fashion Photographers12021-04-22 22:16
118Hey folks lets face it.82021-04-22 22:15
119Howard University wants to cancel Department of Classics22021-04-22 10:53
120Black Lives Matter, Antifa and LGBT+52021-04-22 07:33
121Bernie192021-04-22 06:05
122Cope.12021-04-21 18:53
123Black Systemic Murder.32021-04-21 18:13
124The trope of dirty Jewish person52021-04-21 18:13
125I no longer recognise the western world.112021-04-21 17:48
126Derek Chauvin has been convicted on all charges212021-04-21 15:18
127The Police stop working for one month.12021-04-21 12:06
128Biden the idiot.12021-04-21 02:39
129HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR FÜHRER!!!82021-04-21 00:55
130it doesn't matters if chauvin was found guilty or innocent32021-04-20 23:32
131I'm so fucking sick of suspense.122021-04-20 23:23
132CHAUVIN NOT GUILTY72021-04-20 22:11
133Cummo22021-04-19 19:24
134This is why the west will lose.212021-04-19 19:16
135Are elite pedo rings a real thing?12021-04-19 19:14
136Biden is worse than Trump.52021-04-19 05:19
137Covid-19 cucks42021-04-19 03:12
138Robert De Niro12021-04-19 01:42
139Disclosure day is coming.12021-04-16 19:22
140Stop the invading Western countries.52021-04-16 13:41
141Trump was fucking trash and you know it.32021-04-16 01:07
142Are women fucking retarded?232021-04-16 00:22
143Chauvin has not been allowed to speak at his own trial.692021-04-14 19:07
144Niggers vs Pigs22021-04-14 15:06
145Hey whitey.12021-04-14 15:04
146I am not a Marxist, I am a Zionist.32021-04-14 15:00
147ITT: Biden Derangement Syndrome102021-04-14 14:57
148Aliens stopped Hitler to prevent us from reaching the stars.122021-04-12 17:39
149Six late assignments.42021-04-12 16:25
150A self-proclaimed Marxist ?22021-04-12 16:13
151The state of America.192021-04-12 16:09
152Egg recall in the northeast US.272021-04-12 16:07
153Who was in the wrong here?362021-04-12 15:13
154ITT: 4ct Moderator and Janitor criticism thread.102021-04-12 14:12
155We need to give these cops psychiatric evaluation.22021-04-11 14:33
156The virus has been in the news for over a year.162021-04-10 19:29
157Joe Biden the stumbler.222021-04-10 19:27
158The weed thread.32021-04-10 00:02
159Did Prince Phillip died from Covid-19.52021-04-09 23:34
160Biden finishes the Trump wall.22021-04-09 09:44
161GOT AQCUITTED12021-04-07 18:44
162Can someone explain to me why people hate the Jews?1022021-04-07 07:54
163What will you do In the upcoming World War 3102021-04-06 20:36
164The French National Football team.52021-04-06 18:47
165I need your help42021-04-06 13:27
166Why are womxn so prone to communism or liberalism202021-04-06 12:57
167How is it in real life in France?52021-04-06 10:39
168Is this some kind of glitch in the matrix?72021-04-05 17:54
169New Germany law offending others online a crime.52021-04-05 12:51
170I hate Irish people172021-04-04 21:30
171Floyd’s death a lefty joke!242021-04-04 21:12
172All you Anti-Mask tough, know it all, blah blah people.362021-04-04 19:45
173How many blacks were killed by a proven Neo-Nazi In 2021132021-04-04 19:15
174BOOM! BUSTED BABY! YOU TOTALLY LIED!112021-04-04 18:07
175First Alex Jones gets leaked saying he's sick of Trump.612021-04-04 20:39
176The British left.62021-04-03 22:16
177This is Q.142021-04-03 15:57
178Black nationalist Nation of Islam cop killer.442021-04-03 01:16
179WTF, you can legit just "identify" as a race now?12021-04-02 20:04
180Billionaire Biden.12021-04-02 02:00
181To be fucked by Dan Schneider...202021-04-02 01:58
182Will you get the Bill Gates vacine?622021-04-01 20:35
183I hate Polish people32021-04-01 17:02
184Ain't no Black in Union Jack.12021-04-01 09:54
185JewTube/r ads.12021-04-01 00:55
186Are democrats/ communists even human?82021-03-31 23:31
187The perfect trolling opportunity12021-03-31 20:26
188Is the Media instigating racism62021-03-31 05:16
189Just watching the Derek Chauvin trial32021-03-30 21:22
190No pitch Biden12021-03-30 21:19
191Please stop.42021-03-30 21:18
192Biden / Harris administration 202412021-03-30 20:56
193Don't you get it yet?172021-03-31 05:04
194Nigger almost caused a second civil war!92021-03-30 21:20
196Killing Fucking Caucasians22021-03-31 19:04
197We know that Sidney Powell was lying.142021-03-28 20:36
198what are the arguments against trannies being real women?52021-03-28 20:09
199Teen Niggers Changed with Murder of Muslim immigrant.792021-03-28 20:01
200Alex the Parrot was kidnapped by Deep State operatives32021-03-28 14:46
201BLM albino nigger.82021-03-28 14:45
202Ted Cruz's email address.72021-03-31 05:07
203Germans are deeply unhappy about brexit42021-03-27 22:49
204BONGS ARE BEING RING-FENCED IN242021-03-27 22:48
205They are known as the Naga.12021-03-27 21:57
206Is this what libtards call a leader?592021-03-27 21:41
207If a girl you talked to offers you her Onlyfans, say no.12021-03-27 21:26
208The George Floyd report.12021-03-27 20:59
209This was done in my university, what do i in response ?222021-03-27 20:50
210Hemal Jhaveri sacked for racist tweet.512021-03-27 15:03
211Make America Great Again with involuntary manual labor.82021-03-27 11:52
212I have and will provide proof that Dolly Parton !42021-03-27 11:39
213Penis size direct correlation between mental retardation.12021-03-27 10:15
214Too stupid to get an ID is too stupid to vote12021-03-27 08:44
215Asians are oppressed in America!62021-03-26 20:44
216Wuhan mass cremation ?102021-03-26 20:43
217Aimee Challenor reddit admin.222021-03-26 20:42
219George Floyd had many encounters with police.252021-03-26 20:39
220tiktok was the worst thing to happen to the GenZ.132021-03-26 20:37
221Why are Europoors obsessed with American politics?492021-03-26 20:34
222Who is Jim Eagle ?102021-03-26 20:09
223The divide between police and citizens ?462021-03-26 19:57
224We're the Republicans right about everything after all?92021-03-26 18:40
225Is there anything whiter than liberalism?22021-03-25 21:07
226Washington Post runs correction admitting it lied.32021-03-25 09:06
227DHS Says the border is closed.52021-03-24 21:37
228Rebecca Sabben-Clare the seal killer.32021-03-24 21:37
229Here is a 61 min uncut video of the meeting.312021-03-24 21:36
230What's the highest technology you can imagine?22021-03-24 21:24
231WHY IS THIS PRESIDENT SO WEAK?22021-03-24 21:21
232Live shooter in Boulder, Colorado.52021-03-24 21:20
233How does it feel to become an minority.382021-03-22 09:19
234Can you guys stop posting Joe Biden falling memes !92021-03-22 08:50
235Jewish media figure beloved by Zoomers outed as a pedo112021-03-22 07:55
236I have a BRILLIANT IDEA.12021-03-22 07:46
237Well huh?22021-03-21 22:43
238Had my second jab this morning.422021-03-21 22:38
239What is the motive?12021-03-21 22:36
240Gender and sex aren't the same thing.52021-03-21 22:13
241Biden's migrant surge at the Mexico border.142021-03-21 16:12
242Were the stairs manufactured in Russia?302021-03-21 16:02
243Why are Americans getting free money?62021-03-21 15:51
244At what point did you realize you were stupid?152021-03-21 15:37
245Why do liberals refuse to condemn these psychopaths?802021-03-21 15:25
246OPINION THREAD712021-03-21 14:45
247Why do they keep telling us niggers and humans are related ?302021-03-21 14:00
248Why can't Joe Biden operate stairs or masks?102021-03-21 13:43
249Nigga got capped.82021-03-20 11:17
250NO USE TO QUARREL122021-03-20 09:18
251Rolling Rolling Rolling142021-03-20 08:57
252Why has being transgender not received the same acceptance ?12021-03-20 08:36
253Judaism the rat people.42021-03-20 08:30
254go to reddit52021-03-20 08:23
255The year is 2030.92021-03-20 08:11
256I'm embarrassed by my white privilege.32021-03-20 07:49
257Joke Biden falling down again152021-03-20 07:23
258On behalf of all Democrats, I genuinely apologize for Biden.232021-03-20 07:12
259Is Biden okay?392021-03-20 06:53
260Name a good thing about Biden that doesn't involve Trump.452021-03-20 06:35
261Anthony Stephen Fauci32021-03-19 15:52
262Martin Lawrence RIP22021-03-19 15:50
263Deep State Biden.202021-03-19 08:55
264Why do the democrats want open borders?12021-03-19 08:45
265Fetishism is racism.142021-03-19 07:28
266Bill Clinton thread the dumbest president.122021-03-19 07:17
267Female paedophile beating to death.12021-03-19 06:40
268Cops shoot brown couches or white couches?52021-03-19 06:04
269What if I told you EVERYTHING was all the work of 1 group.82021-03-18 07:47
270Pelosi blames TRUMP for BIDEN'S humanitarian crisis.42021-03-18 03:53
271Armies never went anywhere, only the uniforms did.32021-03-18 03:53
272Any conservatives who still believe in freedom of speech?72021-03-18 03:35
273Police reform must happen to avoid an authoritarian state.112021-03-18 02:18
274I have HPV-292021-03-17 23:22
275Islam is the most disgusting ideology in the world.222021-03-17 23:17
276Stimulus nigger.32021-03-17 23:10
2771 in 6 Gen Z adults are LGBT.82021-03-17 23:03
278WHITE NIGGER #252021-03-18 02:19
279Is the Netherlands the best country in the world to live?322021-03-17 22:45
280the most transparent administration in history??112021-03-17 22:22
281Joe Biden The Shit!12021-03-17 20:19
282Please help pay off Markle and Harrys Mortgage.12021-03-17 11:44
283Meghan for President.12021-03-17 11:40
284Browse various forums for online debate12021-03-17 04:32
285What a fucking disappointment402021-03-17 04:31
286Will i get my Covid vaccine last if i put white male?32021-03-17 04:31
287Starting to see companies are hiding illegal immigrants62021-03-17 04:31
288The Jewish Question The Final Solution.132021-03-17 04:24
289I'm not a grandmaster chess player.112021-03-17 03:06
290Sarah Silverman doesn't want to be associated with Democrats.1432021-03-17 03:00
291The west is being invaded.52021-03-16 20:38
292Media talking young white girls into interracial dating.42021-03-16 19:06
293My grandpa died of pulmonary cancer today.122021-03-16 17:48
294When did commercials start sucking?82021-03-15 14:39
295Biden to be first president since JFK to be bumped off.12021-03-15 12:53
296Stop hating black people.302021-03-14 22:11
297Quick question for you retards32021-03-14 21:37
298Why do people care so much about the superstraight thing822021-03-14 21:34
299Liberal Doctor Mocks Anti-Vaxxers, Takes Vaccine, Dies.12021-03-14 21:27
300Black Women Killed By Police.622021-03-14 18:41
301I was banned from two subreddits today.72021-03-14 06:22
302The party of billionaire donors ?42021-03-13 21:56
303I got you an ice cream82021-03-13 21:51
304the jews are smart people.32021-03-13 21:45
305What happened to the American dream?532021-03-13 21:38
306Remember when you said it was just a flu?222021-03-13 21:13
307How do you think Trump is handling this news?122021-03-13 05:01
308natives have home advantage22021-03-13 05:00
309Why the fuck did they give this niggers family so much money132021-03-13 02:47
310Is Joe Biden mentally competent?382021-03-13 01:52
311Joe Biden goes full retard and claims Operation Warp Speed52021-03-13 01:09
312Bernie lost102021-03-13 00:18
313CNN Fact Check the Fraud Biden first prime-time address32021-03-13 01:09
314Niggling is now a racist word.62021-03-12 23:49
315How did republicans screw up this badly?62021-03-12 05:00
316Blacks should be asking for reparations from Africans22021-03-27 19:26
317Twitter full on war between themselves and the media352021-03-12 04:11
318BLM RACE WAR.72021-03-12 01:00
319Super straight is retarded.552021-03-12 00:37
320Obama is pure evil.42021-03-12 00:31
321Joe Biden has spent over 5 Trillion!302021-03-11 23:57
322Prove to me that liberal leftists aren't in a cult.112021-03-11 23:37
323This is why the US and Africa are in the shit.22021-03-11 23:25
324Kyle Rittenhouse at the Kenosha unrest.62021-03-12 01:35
325What is Superstraight ?412021-03-11 07:12
326Blue Anon12021-03-11 05:19
327George Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose.92021-03-11 03:14
328I know everyone is affected differently.92021-03-11 03:10
329Coronavirus is not a Conspiracy Theory.62021-03-11 03:03
330Propaganda the idea that a white only society is racist652021-03-11 01:04
331Question to conservatives here42021-03-11 00:41
332All Americans should be banned from coming into Britain.492021-03-11 00:31
333Why are christcucks stupid.72021-03-11 00:07
334Impeach Joe Biden now!!452021-03-11 00:03
336Lying about mental health is more important32021-03-10 17:15
337The truth is I don't want to be here.92021-03-10 16:45
338Money supply has increased since the lock downs started??142021-03-10 02:45
339What misery looks like.62021-03-09 23:44
340Why do people care about race.202021-03-09 20:04
341A Black Snow White, What-The-Fuck !302021-03-09 19:56
342Which one and why?12021-03-09 18:18
343Why did so many more people die in 2020 ?62021-03-09 17:30
344Dear Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg.12021-03-09 08:05
345USA is now under a Communist dictatorship.142021-03-09 08:00
346Phoebe Bridgers.122021-03-09 07:16
347which is worse ?162021-03-09 05:14
348Biden's executive orders, quote about dictators need context752021-03-09 04:10
349Why do feminist women have a hate towards trans women?12021-03-09 04:09
350I’m just an ignorant American, so please forgive me.902021-03-09 04:05
351You guys equate what you call socialism to communism right?42021-03-09 02:36
352You dumb fucks, go get your MRNA vaccines...372021-03-11 00:12
353Black people have been oppressed for over 400 years32021-03-09 01:35
354So who watched the Prince Charlie hit piece!42021-03-09 00:52
355Joe Biden is right about masks.342021-03-08 04:36
356Your honest opinion on jewish people?12021-03-08 02:39
357No lockdown florida.12021-03-08 02:37
358It's OK to be white.12021-03-08 01:34
359Now tell be about absence of propaganda.52021-03-08 01:18
360The full support of the super straights.12021-03-08 00:19
361Positive thinking is toxic.32021-03-08 00:10
362I experience extreme apophenia due to psychosis.82021-03-07 23:58
363YES all black people hate most white people.42021-03-07 23:50
364what would you teach them?32021-03-07 23:42
365fags groom kids at high rates122021-03-07 23:42
366I am asking for your help to trigger twitter normies.12021-03-07 23:28
367Why do some people hate Chinese people for no reason?92021-03-07 23:21
368Black voice312021-03-07 23:12
369Why people say anti-vaxxers should kill themselves?302021-03-07 19:31
370I'm seriously regretting voting for Joe Biden.352021-03-07 19:10
371The fourth wave of Coronavirus.562021-03-06 19:10
372The Cheeto Bunker President.162021-03-06 00:32
373Hey conservatards122021-03-05 23:49
374Australia is not real.22021-03-07 19:11
375Why are Dems / Progressives / Lefties literally retarded?182021-03-04 23:13
376No stimmy for you !152021-03-04 23:12
377onlyfans 10 years from now42021-03-04 23:10
378Rachel Levine242021-03-04 22:54
379Just left without any destination?562021-03-04 23:38
380The Only river to flow North fallacy.12021-03-04 22:30
381OH Look more Viruses invading the UK.12021-03-04 22:09
382It's basically a full blown psyop now!362021-03-04 22:02
383Nine million active Covid-19 cases in America as of today.132021-03-04 04:20
384China is eating our lunch and sleepy Joe isn't doing shit92021-03-04 03:47
385The China Virus COVID-19.102021-03-03 19:38
386Bitcoin doesn't work.152021-03-03 17:07
387President Biden's doing the right thing by immigrants.52021-03-05 23:46
388Denmark deports all Syrian refugees.12021-03-03 01:07
389Why are Black or Latino always such shitty places to live.112021-03-02 23:55
390Real Trump's inauguration is taking place on March 4th.372021-03-02 22:30
391How do you feel about this?132021-03-02 18:25
392For any ALEX JONES viewers222021-03-02 18:24
393A Serious Immigration Problem.302021-03-02 17:40
394What does /NEWPOL/ think of Jordan Peterson?1762021-03-02 17:27
395Why are Black People ignoring this ?72021-03-02 16:52
396I'm glad Joe Biden is bombing Syrian children.312021-03-02 16:12
397African-Americans attacking Asian-Americans.12021-03-02 03:36
398When the hell is my wage going up?372021-03-01 23:20
399Two masks ?122021-03-01 23:19
400When will the admin acknowledge the bot traffic problem?52021-03-01 19:44
401Built for BBC in 2021 !252021-03-01 18:48
402Robot doggy is Racist says AOC.12021-03-01 18:12
403Tarana Burke42021-03-01 12:38
404Redpill me on the Irish Question.12021-03-01 12:32
405Civil war in 2021 ?332021-03-01 11:38
406Californians are trying to end single family only zoning?12021-03-01 09:18
407What Sleepy Joe Really Meant Was No.......462021-03-01 09:16
408Can Philadelphia possibly recover?12021-03-01 08:31
409Trump is Back !72021-03-01 07:29
410Amish communities have fewer incidents of cyber-bullying.22021-03-01 07:25
411Conservative hate thread.112021-03-01 07:04
412Bill Gates & the Zuckerberg admit Vaccine changes DNA152021-02-28 23:29
413Friendly reminder that all white people are racist52021-03-01 05:31
414Donald Trump 2024.132021-02-28 19:33
415Donald J. Trump saved the USA from Covid-19.102021-02-28 18:08
416Why are right wingers anti-science?632021-02-28 17:57
417Cuomo is a 'monster'.132021-02-28 17:09
418Evangelicals have come full circle.62021-02-28 17:06
419Still pushing this agenda.132021-02-28 16:51
420Lying Biden.382021-02-28 11:11
421Biden's death machine.12021-02-28 11:06
422What can we do to get rid of about 6 billion people?212021-02-28 00:29
423Cancel culture is necessary for the progression of society362021-02-27 19:57
424How many of you have seen flying saucers and lizard people?152021-02-27 16:00
425The Democratic party of Lies.12021-02-27 15:09
426Why did democrats tell us this guy was our hero again?622021-02-27 14:36
427Believing conspiracies and misinformation?32021-02-27 14:13
428Build our ideal woman.222021-02-27 06:37
429Why is Joe Biden bombing Syria ?102021-02-26 23:03
430Daily reminder that Joe Biden is friends with the CCP262021-02-26 17:36
431Name a more destructive ideology than capitalism.122021-02-26 17:20
432Collecting Gold Coins.1022021-02-26 17:13
433Why is Biden bombing children ?272021-02-26 17:35
434Joe Biden Orders Missile Strike in Syria.362021-02-26 15:26
435Black people are Evil and making the World a worse place.332021-02-26 14:58
436Trans-racialism thread!522021-02-26 14:13
4377 Radical Demands in the Equality Act.1242021-02-26 13:41
438Why is everything a racist conspiracy for antiWhite liberals22021-02-26 10:47
439Where are the stimulus checks ?202021-02-26 02:53
440I fucking hate women.12021-02-25 23:31
441Why do incels exist?42021-02-26 10:48
442Libtards still trying to spite private citizen Trump.72021-02-25 23:08
443Obama calls for reparations for black Americans.22021-02-25 18:25
444Biden got more Vote.82021-02-25 18:06
445New Silk Road ?72021-02-25 16:05
446Joe Biden and nuclear launch codes ?312021-02-25 15:50
447Forgotten art of squatting.12021-02-25 15:41
448Why is the Left bullying people?1032021-02-25 23:33
449Every white person should serve as a Slave to Black People.232021-02-25 15:23
450When did all of this companies become so anti-White?192021-02-25 14:05
451One of the best places to live?22021-02-25 15:24
452The Lone Gunman and JFK.32021-02-24 20:04
453How do ameritards deal with such glaring contradictions?42021-02-24 19:40
454I have lived in some of the worlds poorest areas.72021-02-24 19:40
455BLM and Systemic racism.132021-02-24 11:09
456Amber Heard's testimony ?22021-02-24 10:50
457Black can't be racist.122021-02-24 10:17
458Raw Time's Tiffy.82021-02-24 10:14
459Joe Biden said Nigger on live television in front of the UN852021-02-24 10:05
460All Atheist cringe and all Christian/Muslims based?62021-02-24 09:11
461Why should I give two fucks about Black Lives Matter ?972021-02-23 23:20
462US government HIT on Tiger Woods.122021-02-23 23:18
463Climate change science is not falsifiable and not science512021-02-23 20:04
464How does importing non-whites benefit anyone but billionaire1232021-02-23 19:35
465The Trump Gang Rape.172021-02-23 19:29
466Was the 2020 election was stolen ?152021-02-23 19:20
467Joe Biden Niggering.762021-02-23 19:11
468Two inches of Texas snow.222021-02-23 18:51
469Is man-made global warming a myth?562021-02-23 16:48
470What do other countries think of Joe Biden?1032021-02-23 16:20
471I want non-whites to go back to their home countries,82021-02-23 16:17
472Lets discuss the African-Americans.12021-02-23 16:00
473Be George Floyd.122021-02-23 16:01
474When the poor go against their own self interest...112021-02-23 15:50
475Is cultural marxism just a conspiracy?72021-02-23 14:44
476I quit my job over a year ago202021-02-23 13:13
477How many posts can we get on a single thread?52021-02-23 14:45
478If you don't like me putting you in a coma, get out.162021-02-23 11:31
479How can anyone be against tuition-free public college?42021-02-23 11:17
480The Vaccination !22021-02-23 09:51
481I Hate Them All......!12021-02-23 01:00
482Trumps Tax Returns.182021-02-23 00:54
4832022 The Year of the Mask.792021-02-22 17:40
484The Chinese are absolute filth.102021-02-22 16:10
485The Biden Administration believes IRAN.42021-02-22 13:27
486Is everybody on 4ct a white male?42021-02-22 13:26
487USA USA JOE BIDEN JOE BIDEN USA USA282021-02-22 13:14
488Blaming Antifa for the MAGA insurrection?132021-02-22 12:53
489Anyone got a reddit account with 100k+ karma for sale?32021-02-22 12:25
490Why do americans have their penises mutilated?82021-02-22 12:20
491Be Joe Biden.22021-02-22 12:00
492Letter for downloading files from Pirate Bay.322021-02-22 11:33
493Michael Burry is predicting hyperinflation.132021-02-22 11:17
494Is this what /lounge/ now is?72021-02-22 10:36
495What have you done to support black voices?382021-02-22 10:35
496Joe Biden192021-02-22 10:32
497Why would you lockdown for 1% death rate?2022021-02-21 19:57
499The blizzard in Texas is a false flag liberal HOAX.42021-02-21 12:18
500Why do I get a 3 day ban from TinyChan for fuck jannies112021-02-21 12:07
501Go back to Africa ?132021-02-21 11:42
502watching salty boomers and karens get their heads blown92021-02-21 11:01
503Punch Pelosi's fartbox.52021-02-21 10:49
504You just scroll endlessly hating everything.192021-02-21 10:46
505Universal Basic Income?312021-02-21 09:14
506Donald Trump needs to be tried for mass murder12021-02-21 08:14
507muslims have no place in modern society222021-02-20 20:30
508Joe Biden Defends Chinese Death Camps.342021-02-20 19:43
509Black History Month is racist.72021-02-20 17:08
510Do escorts kiss?302021-02-20 16:50
511Australian prime minister is doing a good thing.52021-02-20 10:07
512When all the guns have been banned1012021-02-20 10:07
513Attacking The Capital Building?82021-02-19 19:29
514Pfizer Vaccine Death Jab.162021-02-18 14:19
515The Great Reset and Civil War Plan.52021-02-18 14:19
516Britiain is a fucking shit hole.122021-02-18 14:12
517Lower income families have more children.142021-02-18 13:53
518Diversity or a monoculture?52021-02-18 12:24
519What does /lounge/ think about the origins of humanity?62021-02-18 12:23
520Rush Limbaugh has died.32021-02-17 21:49
521Joe Biden is responsible for the deaths of 90,000 Americans342021-02-17 21:27
522The Biden Administration.1242021-02-17 12:05
523California unable to perform basic functions.192021-02-17 05:25
524What's Wrong With Common Sense Gun Control?912021-02-16 13:55
525US news stopped reporting on organized crime in the 80s.112021-02-16 05:20
526WTF is wrong with these white people?452021-02-16 05:03
527What do you niggers think of Parler?22021-02-16 05:00
528Bumble jew shillery of censorship and social engineering52021-02-16 04:16
531Trump Says MAGA Movement has Only Just Begun.132021-02-15 10:06
532TRUMP ACQUITTED182021-02-15 03:20
533Trump Not Guilty.72021-02-13 22:58
534This stupid bitch.152021-02-13 20:59
535Conservatives in Georgia.52021-02-13 20:43
536Why are the fuck are the commenters such NPCs?122021-02-13 20:14
537Covid is super duper cereal.222021-02-13 20:05
538The Left is violating rights of Conservatives702021-02-13 19:13
539Didn’t expect the dems to fall apart this quickly.592021-02-13 05:36
540Former President Trump demolished the impeachment case.542021-02-13 05:36
541Redpill me about the Jews292021-02-24 20:09
542How will liberals cope?212021-02-13 01:25
543Why is it hard to research about fascism.62021-02-13 01:12
544Q Storm52021-02-12 21:52
545White people who admit that white privilege152021-02-12 14:43
546You can hate Jews without being a Nazi.32021-02-12 05:55
547If Black people are victims and oppressed ?762021-02-12 05:44
548Gina Carano did nothing wrong.432021-02-12 00:41
549Why do Republicans larp as patriots ?292021-02-12 00:41
550Why do men complain about women not being in the kitchen?102021-02-12 00:31
551Someone redpill me on the BBC posters.52021-02-11 23:03
552Immigration is Bad.12021-02-11 22:04
553Delete all social media accounts.12021-02-11 21:30
554The Atrocities of Mankind.22021-02-11 09:20
555The State of /newpol/ General.62021-02-11 01:07
556UK Universities helped China develop WMDs.12021-02-08 19:42
557Totally woke.182021-02-07 20:31
558depreschan102021-02-07 02:13
559Donald Duck is actually a GOOSE!102021-02-03 21:53
560Ben Shapiro's podcast thread.62021-02-03 21:49
561Why have white people let niggers carry on for so long?152021-02-03 21:45
562child support slaves82021-02-11 22:06
563Have you been to hospital, recently?92021-02-03 20:56
564Bew safe haven102021-02-03 20:48
565This is actually the best scenario.402021-02-03 20:47
566Welp, I guess we're a Socialist Regime now...302021-02-03 20:47
567Is Greta on puberty blockers to keep her younger looking162021-02-03 21:55
568Biden executive order to reparations on the black community172021-02-03 20:45
569Multiculturalisme will never work with niggers and muslims.232021-02-03 20:33
570What the fuck is an INFJ ?42021-01-31 22:20
571Femcels are objectively way worse people than incels.32021-01-31 22:20
572President Joe Biden ?12021-01-31 12:44
573Biden tanks economy after two days.32021-01-30 20:11
574Joe Biden sets new word record for fast Impeachment.22021-01-30 20:10
576No evidence of murder plot in Capitol attack.12021-01-21 21:01
577The truth about African society.12021-01-17 18:52
578Peace in the Middle East is Hate speech.12021-01-14 21:16
579Apple updating firmware to Emergency Broadcast System.22021-01-10 13:37
580The President had allied the military leaders.32021-01-09 18:15
581Is Mike Pence a Democratic Puppet32021-01-07 11:31
582Over population in UK by Immigrants.12021-01-04 03:05
583IRA Biden blocks UK-US trade deal.12020-12-31 19:59
584Beijing Joe.12020-12-29 21:28
585I work for a company doing machine visual inspection.62020-12-29 03:37
586What the fuck is going on in Nashville12020-12-25 18:34
587AG Barr.102020-12-22 14:36
588The Election is officially over.12020-12-15 15:21
589What are your thoughts?62020-12-12 03:37
590Nigger, Spic and Queer!22020-12-06 18:46
591Countdown to sex tape....12020-12-05 19:24
592Classic Democrat 202012020-11-24 15:45
593America is run by Jews.142020-11-23 12:58
594Why do we allow Zionist Jews to control our foreign policy?22020-11-24 15:45
595Sero might quite.22020-11-11 19:43
596The LEFT demanding police budget cuts.12020-11-11 19:42
597Only the media says Biden has won!22020-11-10 04:07
598The Joe Biden gun plan.12020-11-07 04:39
599Nothing fishy about Biden.292020-11-05 00:32
600Backdoor Harris.62020-11-04 23:39
601Voter fraud. Democrats are snakes and they know it.272020-11-04 23:19
602Pennsylvania and mail-in ballots ?32020-11-04 22:16
603Neutral discussion here.72020-11-04 15:25
604Murder Burn Loot172020-11-03 23:58
606Racial social separation by the left.162020-11-03 23:45
607Trump parade in Africa.62020-11-03 23:26
608Lying Biden.302020-11-03 22:57
609I have social anxiety42020-11-03 22:52
610Who won't accept the election results: Biden or Trump?242020-11-03 00:48
611Austrian terror attack462020-11-03 00:38
612Don't mention Joe being involved.52020-10-30 20:25
613I come to you all with a great idea.32020-10-27 23:27
614mail your ballot92020-10-27 23:18
615Hunter Biden Audio Confesses Partnership With China12020-10-27 23:12
616Criminal Jews42020-10-27 23:11
617White supremacists are behind all domestic terror attacks.162020-10-25 00:45
618Forced diversity.22020-10-22 00:54
619Anti-white agenda.122020-10-22 00:53
620The Covid-19 Masks.12020-10-15 22:08
621The left crying about everthing.42020-10-13 15:23
622Turn Billie into a Barbie.22020-10-13 15:22
623COVID19 is FAKE. The virus is FAKE!102020-10-12 14:11
624Kamala Harris322020-10-09 22:15
625Black people are evil.32020-10-09 20:41
626Hispanics are the fastest growing demographic in the US.12020-10-08 17:17
627PACK THE COURTS.172020-10-08 15:06
628Pelosi wants to start impeaching Trump AGAIN.152020-10-07 01:22
629Getting Covid was a lot like pneumonia.32020-10-06 22:40
630Trump vs Biden debate.262020-09-30 02:17
631black people are bad132020-09-29 19:41
632The SuperFratBoyExtreme menace.12020-09-29 19:37
633Biden is going to win, guaranteed.42020-09-29 18:27
634why don't we genetically modify humans?72020-09-26 18:19
635Stop using Whiteness.12020-09-25 16:20
636Belle Delphine is a Slut.252020-09-25 15:15
637Some women have penises.222020-09-25 15:15
638The source of the black-white problem in america.92020-09-25 15:12
639Coronavirus still does not exists232020-09-25 15:32
640Elected Blacks still murderous criminals.102020-09-25 14:49
641Vote for Trump deserve to have ur face mashed in542020-09-25 14:38
642Men's traditional clothing stolen by women.32020-09-25 14:35
643VOTE TRUMP102020-09-25 14:33
644LGBT an accomplishment.102020-09-25 14:28
645Joe Biden will blame Trump for Killing Jeffrey Epstein132020-09-23 20:34
646Why haven’t you embraced diversity?52020-09-23 20:22
647Belle Delphine talentless hack.1092020-09-23 20:19
648Why did Western Europe get invaded with niggers?222020-09-23 20:18
649What is their end game, /newpol/?522020-09-23 20:17
650Diversity is our strength.92020-09-22 18:06
651Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is cute.62020-09-22 18:01
652Conspiracy theory thread.62020-09-22 17:04
653Which way are you fucking retards voting?42020-09-22 14:58
654Sociological analysis thread.52020-09-21 20:33
655Leaked audio of Joe Biden phone call with Ukraine.222020-09-20 16:47
656Voting Trump causes Climate Change.72020-09-19 20:29
657More Democrat negative Trump propaganda.32020-09-19 20:26
65816 stabs with a knife82020-09-19 13:20
659Niggers harass and targeting houses with Trump Flags.212020-09-16 14:15
660Why are they allowed to destroy US cities?122020-09-15 23:27
661Why African women considered the least desirable.22020-09-15 20:58
66213 Percent of the population commit 50% of all murders1092020-09-15 19:40
663Thank you China.152020-09-14 23:12
664The Left: End the Nobel Peace Prize Because Trump.582020-09-14 21:45
665Polecat kebabs.232020-09-12 19:25
666Marrying non-virgins?272020-09-11 19:25
667Ronnie McNutt antifa terrorist.32020-09-11 19:18
668I hate being white.182020-09-10 20:40
669I can't wait till Trump arrests every last one of them.22020-09-09 14:59
670Why can't people of colour behave and stop murdering people12020-09-06 10:56
671Black Lives Matter rioters in Rochester.52020-09-05 21:05
672Fuck Joe Biden.12020-09-04 12:08
673Jessica Krug, Rachel Dolezal and Shaun King282020-09-04 09:16
674Leftists are literal tinfoil hat tier conspiracy theorists.392020-09-04 09:06
675Ron Jeremy the rapist.1012020-09-03 03:48
676Yuri Bezmenov42020-09-02 09:00
677Is society headed towards a complete breakdown?892020-09-02 06:49
678Race War102020-09-02 06:22
679Do porn actresses get paid more to have sex with Black men ?272020-09-01 22:45
680Can someone explain this to me?382020-09-01 22:29
681Anifa gunman who murdered Patriot Prayer found.12020-09-01 07:32
682Name one good thing China has done!12020-08-31 09:05
683Black Lives Matter are not against racism!302020-08-30 23:53
684Are you bored of talking about BLM and feminists?32020-08-30 21:23
685The nigger festival.152020-08-30 00:37
686The blue wave is coming.12020-08-29 08:00
687Chadwick Boseman dead, looting starts.222020-08-29 08:05
688I want to support BLM.42020-08-29 07:20
689I just have to shake my head and sigh.1412020-08-29 06:08
690The Kenosha shooting.332020-08-29 03:34
691The Right way to deal with BLM protesters in Kenosha612020-08-29 03:15
692BET Reparations for Slavery.312020-08-29 01:09
693There's worse problems that need to be addressed.72020-08-27 21:56
694Should i switch to linux?42020-08-27 19:53
695Despite the coronavirus being such a dangerous virus ?72020-08-27 19:52
696Did the Japanese collaborate with the Chinese ?662020-08-27 19:49
697Multicultural societies don't work.142020-08-27 19:50
698why are black people in american so stupid?102020-08-26 07:45
699Roaming Immigrant gangs attacking people in London.42020-08-25 22:05
700The Green haired witch!1302020-08-25 14:08
701Blacks are overwhelmingly over-represented at the BBC.32020-08-25 12:52
702George Soros Buying District Attorneys Across America22020-08-24 18:49
703Just there for Biden.22020-08-24 18:48
704White Wisconsin cops shoot unarmed black rapist.242020-08-24 17:56
705Night of the Proms, let's ban everything.32020-08-24 16:15
706Asteroid Apophis 2029122020-08-24 03:18
707Shit-eyed thread.322020-08-23 23:56
708Guys, is Joe Biden a deepfake?132020-08-23 01:34
709That George Floyd Asshole!372020-08-23 01:33
710Political correctness is a mental illness.22020-08-23 01:31
711Why do American schools teach ebonics to children?432020-08-23 01:42
712Dan Schneider872020-08-21 21:50
713Alex Jones the shit faced asshole!52020-08-21 20:59
714Normalfag libertarians.252020-08-21 20:25
715The normalization of Cheese Pizza has begun.552020-08-21 20:15
716Steve Bannon, another scalp for the left.442020-08-21 17:51
717Why are African American such a problem?382020-08-21 05:32
718Black Lives Matter is run by Jews.42020-08-18 14:50
719Can I just say I'm LGBTQ for scholarships?12020-08-17 22:19
720We are no longer Syrians.312020-08-16 19:13
721BLM Started a race war it can't win.12020-08-16 02:19
722Obama the Child Sniffer.32020-08-16 00:20
723ADOS Agenda.22020-08-15 22:10
724Far-Left Black Lives Matter member executed white boy.222020-08-15 22:09
725Kamala Harris’s Ancestors Owned Slaves132020-08-15 21:26
726Niggers never had a written language.222020-08-15 21:24
727I wouldn't touch gypsies.102020-08-13 14:06
728Culturally appropriate 4ct culture?262020-08-13 14:06
729Ron Jeremy thread.1062020-08-12 16:15
730Dumpster fire of limp-wristed ideology.142020-08-11 18:09
731Spanish Flu Ended World War 2.502020-08-11 18:00
732It's all over for Joe "The Racist" Biden.352020-08-11 16:39
733Transexuals are a goddamn disease.192020-08-11 16:36
734Ethan Ralph Dead.32020-08-11 15:41
735Sellouts bend the knee!22020-08-11 13:37
736Elena Povelyaikina the anal murderer.342020-08-11 13:14
737There's nobody here that's seriously that stupid, right?192020-08-10 13:23
738Donald Trump Killing America.12020-08-10 12:43
739Theories on Ghislaine Maxwell story.202020-08-09 19:43
740Rural Africans Democrats?92020-08-09 19:28
741Why do their lives matter more than mine?382020-08-09 19:15
742This is the war on WHITE PEOPLE.52020-08-08 18:52
743Looks like George Orwell was right.222020-08-08 18:19
744Transgender people are autistic.12020-08-07 17:54
745Sleepy Joe "The Racist" Biden.182020-08-06 22:17
746Trump will win with a landslide.122020-08-06 01:59
747I love gender neutral bathrooms.22020-08-05 21:18
748Is Jay Z a part of the Illuminati?22020-08-05 21:03
749When Joe Biden is arrested for treason.172020-08-05 20:51
750Biden will win with a landslide.582020-08-05 18:50
751Who should I Vote for this November.202020-08-05 13:49
752I've seen a serious decline in flat Earth boards.252020-08-04 20:20
753Why is America such a 3rd world shit hole?582020-08-03 18:47
754Only in the America.322020-08-03 18:46
755Gambling is a Virus.192020-08-03 18:04
756Would you rape her?352020-08-03 17:38
757What do BLM mean when they use the phrase systemic racism?272020-08-03 17:23
758Did you forget you're a Democrat today?52020-08-03 15:00
759We're Ridin' with Biden122020-08-02 17:45
760China the first country to surpass the US economy.342020-08-01 17:11
761The Dichotomy of the troubled Liberal Mind.632020-07-31 20:34
762The Epstein Document.292020-07-31 19:19
763Trump will postpone the election.162020-07-31 11:54
764Trump and Jeffrey Epstein.212020-07-30 23:19
765Attention Anons82020-08-03 18:56
766Trump is the greatest president in the history of the USA.382020-07-30 18:56
767Let's talk about the universe.312020-07-30 00:17
768Holy shit Bella Delphine.272020-08-01 17:26
769NARCing Niggers!52020-07-29 19:00
770Biden / Rice 202042020-07-29 16:31
771World peace without violence.102020-07-28 18:43
772The 2020 election102020-07-28 18:32
773Majority of freethinkers gave up their rebellious roots?42020-07-28 19:00
774Bernie Sanders and his communists ?262020-07-28 18:01
775This is the 2020 election summed up...822020-07-28 13:39
776Not supporting Black Lives Matter332020-07-27 20:38
777Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin62020-07-27 20:30
778The simple the truth.282020-07-27 16:21
779I understand that we have a right to free speech.62020-07-27 15:54
780The grand city of Portland.102020-07-27 15:04
781Backface Thread.102020-07-27 15:02
782Why do they say that racism against whites isn't possible102020-07-25 22:52
783You decide my day.372020-07-25 16:14
784Mask or no mask? Discuss.612020-07-25 15:29
785I'm spanish.432020-07-24 08:40
786Can somebody redpill me on this bitch?92020-07-24 07:28
787America was founded on colonialism192020-07-24 07:13
788When Donald Trump Loses in 2020.112020-07-23 19:13
789Trump Pedo confirmed!122020-07-22 21:44
790What is the appeal of Feminization?292020-07-22 20:51
791Adolf Hitler the Gasman.282020-07-22 12:38
792Epstein Judge’s son killed by feminist.12020-07-21 18:01
793Covid-19 thinning out the population !112020-07-21 17:35
794Liberals don't want racial equality.102020-07-21 17:17
795Smith & Wesson .357 Mag revolver22020-07-21 16:33
796Race and Gender.72020-07-21 16:15
797Julian Assange leaking crimes of war.562020-07-21 16:05
798Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the AOC.202020-08-28 00:48
799Patronages of Saint George Floyd.152020-07-20 20:56
800Does Joe Biden want to defund the Police.12020-07-18 21:24
801COVID-19 is fake.1562020-07-18 16:30
802Belle Delphine the most cancerous beings on the planet?542020-07-18 16:29
803Belle Delphine Thread.502020-07-18 15:39
804France is not a white Country.132020-07-18 15:34
805Why are Americans such violent retards?182020-07-18 15:30
806Riots, Terrorists and Defund Police.422020-07-18 15:11
807Is being Voluntary celibate actually alpha as fuck?32020-07-18 14:27
808Goya Thread.212020-07-18 14:08
809Whelp, I took the advice of /newpol/ and went to the ER.402020-07-18 13:18
810How do you destroy the left ideologically ?402020-07-18 02:32
811Why are /newpol/ autists so retarded?12020-07-18 00:00
812Sweden has no culture.62020-07-17 23:42
813KIKE HATE THREAD122020-07-17 23:38
814Western society is fucked.132020-07-17 20:46
815How is this not Racist?262020-07-17 20:31
816Why are Republicans such pussy crybabies?212020-07-15 17:56
817Trump is FUCKED!152020-07-15 15:46
819Black people today are lazy whiny and violent.142020-07-14 16:06
820Should 4ct remove /bijou/ ?192020-07-13 22:15
821Only white men have the right to call themselves American.92020-07-09 12:11
822The World's Biggest Questions.62020-07-07 19:38
823Weed hate.22020-07-17 18:04
824Why do all thot on Earth have BPD or some shit these days?372020-07-07 18:33
825Hillary Clinton Snuff Video.602020-07-07 18:32
826Racism is belief.252020-07-07 18:30
827I have a sister!102020-07-07 17:45
828Kanye's affordable (nigloo's) homes.232020-07-07 17:13
829Genuine question.262020-07-07 15:55
830So today is the economic BLACKout in the good ol USA282020-07-07 15:55
831I'm a physics undergrad, ask me almost anything!862020-07-06 10:30
832President Kanye West272020-07-05 22:20
833Michigan gate82020-07-04 17:21
834Racism, feminism and LGBTQ.12020-07-02 21:11
835Why do the democrats want open borders?72020-07-02 21:10
836Trumps nickname for Joe Biden.42020-07-02 19:58
837The American Covid-19 epidemic.52020-07-01 21:18
838About that McCloskeys video.42020-07-01 21:02
839White Lives Don't Matter.152020-07-01 20:35
840George Soros Who is he funding.372020-07-01 20:23
841The Boogaloo movement.12020-07-01 06:49
842President Biden22020-06-30 21:36
843Engineer a virus to single out niggers.52020-06-30 21:16
844Black Lives Matter movement Vs. Someone Home.12020-06-30 21:11
845Black people will never stop chimping out.32020-06-30 20:31
846Asylum seekers kills three people.32020-06-30 20:18
847Top 10 more violent cites run by Democrats.22020-06-28 14:27
848Manufacturing industry has been decimated12020-06-28 07:27
849Brazil to become the most infected COVID-19 country on Earth12020-06-27 21:07
850Do Russians really think that they can get away with this?12020-06-27 20:56
851Another nigger niggering.22020-06-27 20:54
852Snowflake flu22020-06-27 20:54
853Math is Racist.22020-06-27 20:54
854Macy's employee didn't say the N-word.672020-06-28 07:24
855How long before Blacks demand the removal of White.12020-06-25 19:23
856MonkeyMania in Brixton.12020-06-25 12:20
857They came for Ron Jeremy.32020-06-25 09:10
858Will AOC win her primary today?292020-06-23 22:13
859I'm a total failure.12020-06-23 21:57
860I do not know if I should seek justice or revenge.12020-06-23 21:54
861White Allies for Black Lives Matter.12020-06-23 12:27
862Being blackpilled.32020-06-23 06:43
863Operation Finish Soros162020-06-22 21:32
864The Trump Covid-19 Campaign.102020-06-22 21:10
865Why do conservatives cry so much about everything?52020-06-21 21:19
866Covid-19 Trump Rallies.52020-06-21 21:18
867The liberal ideology of political correctness.92020-06-21 21:16
8682 Blacks shot by other Blacks in ANTIFA run zone in Seattle82020-06-21 21:15
869THEY CAME FROM THE SKY!112020-06-21 23:38
870Why is TinyChan so fucking retarded?282020-07-06 12:17
871PTSD from deleting disturbing content?82020-06-21 17:45
872Human body parts founded in Leftist ANTIFA run Seattle.192020-06-21 17:41
873I just go this idea: Suicide for BLM.202020-06-21 15:15
874Letitia Wright Porn.12020-06-21 15:08
875Why do negro Americans complain so much about racism?92020-06-21 15:07
876You're letting the BLM "community" outsmart you.62020-06-21 14:30
8774ct janitor?42020-06-21 14:09
878Do black lives even matter at this point?22020-06-21 14:02
879White guilt bullshit?92020-06-21 14:00
8803 Dead in Forbury Gardens incident.172020-06-20 23:19
881Trump hid when America needed him.72020-06-20 09:33
882What is Mike Pence thinking right now?12020-06-18 23:09
883The silent majority.32020-06-21 17:42
884Africa is having a tribal problem.22020-06-17 21:31
885Make Black Lives Matter Go Away.32020-06-17 21:31
886Is liberalism self-contradicting?12020-06-15 21:03
887Why is the confederate flag bad?12020-06-15 20:47
888Libcuck Seattle protesters want anarchy in the US.42020-06-14 14:37
889What is the secret behind the pyramids?612020-06-13 23:01
890Banana-boat back to Africa.202020-06-11 06:51
891Why did the coronavirus stop?42020-06-11 06:49
892Thread about Women.32020-06-10 22:35
893Hydroxychloroquine Lies.32020-06-10 22:32
894Why is everything getting worse?12020-06-10 22:31
896White Chicks is not offensive as blackface, Bullshit.12020-06-10 20:43
897British history is being removed by Immigrants.12020-06-10 18:41
898Stand up to these liberal douchebags?302020-06-08 23:12
899George Floyd was a lifelong violent criminal.282020-06-07 15:33
900Social Media Censoring Donald Trump.12020-06-05 07:13
901I used to laugh at conspiracy theorists...12020-06-05 06:42
902Presidents of the United States of Crime.12020-06-04 22:42
903Boogaloo Bois12020-06-04 22:39
904What is happening to UK312020-06-04 22:45
905Ahh Americans idea of Freedom of Speech.22020-06-04 22:31
906Germany Nonwhite in One Generation.32020-06-04 22:05
907Antifa are a terrorist organization.52020-06-04 21:29
908Justice for victims of Black crime.22020-06-04 21:05
909My fellow niggers.22020-06-04 07:27
910Black Lives Don't Matter.12020-06-04 07:24
911President Useless.12020-06-03 23:08
912Dead Nigger Mugshots.12020-06-03 23:07
913Rihanna like a monkey lingerie.42020-06-03 23:07
914The mental retardation of Black Lives Matter.22020-06-03 23:03
915Judge Trump: I Am Your Law!22020-06-03 23:03
916US Nigger Rioits.22020-06-03 23:01
917Black Cop knocks out Nigger.22020-06-02 05:57
918Barack Obama 44th President of the United States152020-06-01 18:31
919China owns YouTube.12020-06-01 07:13
920Black Lives Matter protesters in London.72020-05-31 15:54
921What caused the Riots, Niggers wanting free shit.22020-05-31 00:34
922America is a plague on the rest of the world.42020-05-29 06:14
923Donald Trump Concession Speech ?402020-05-25 16:20
924Joe Scarborough murder, It's only conspiracy until it's not.12020-05-25 11:15
925When you really think about it communism isn’t really bad.262020-05-24 20:21
926May 24, 2020: USA surpasses 100k deaths from coronavirus.152020-05-24 17:08
927Democrats are losers once again!212020-05-24 14:03
928Who was the most evil US president?22020-05-23 22:13
929The Chinese Coronavirus Cover-up.32020-05-21 21:16
930Super Duper Missiles.32020-05-20 21:26
931Kim Jong-un dead, again32020-05-19 21:21
9324CT The COVID-19 Charity Connection.12020-05-17 14:42
933Clown News Network.12020-05-17 14:31
934SpeedPak and eBay.222020-05-10 08:49
935Blacks always playing the victim.22020-05-16 19:36
936The Coronavirus aka Covid-19.72020-05-07 07:14
937Why would you not hate muslims?312020-05-05 08:25
938Just filed a noise complaint against my neighbors.192020-05-05 08:23
939Hear People Die342020-05-05 07:20
940Senile Joe Biden wins.242020-05-05 05:09
941Window Flying Russian Doctors.42020-05-05 06:37
942When the vaccine for Coronavirus (COVID-19) finally arrives.132020-05-04 04:48
943Three Muslims charged with beating a duck to death.22020-05-03 19:35
944The earth is flat, fuck the Jewish scientific community.402020-05-02 02:32
945I saw a thread complaining about 4ct.222020-04-30 02:10
946David Icke Thread.22020-04-24 00:43
947Fake Qualifications.32020-04-22 08:43
948Bill Gates Buying China.52020-04-19 19:22
949Donald Trump was right about Coronavirus.32020-04-22 21:30
950UK Imports Romanian Scum!52020-04-30 02:08
951Greta Thunberg has coronavirus.62020-04-17 14:58
952Queers, Gays, Lesboos, Coloreds and Transfaggots.32020-04-12 10:42
953Stop the Culturally Appropriation of the English Language.22020-04-11 05:59
954David Icke is right about coronavirus and 5G.12020-04-09 18:32
955Why the fuck do you guys hate transgender people so much?42020-04-08 06:06
956Trump’s response to the Coronavirus outbreak?212020-04-17 23:44
957Trump Right Again- Democrats Still Stupid.............52020-04-06 23:35
958Niggers need to go72020-04-21 13:37
959The US outbreak of Corona was caused by Trump.552020-03-30 03:39
960Hantavirus 2020 limited edition!62020-03-28 16:13
961Apartheid was a disgusting reprehensible system.32020-03-28 16:14
962Do they know it's Christmas?32020-03-15 18:29
963The madness of British police.32020-03-15 18:30
964George Soros ready to destroy US economy to remove Trump.12020-02-27 18:14
965Doctor Who and the Culture War.82020-02-24 13:34
966Goatfinger promoting Marxist multiculturalist lies.272020-02-24 13:24
967Harvey Weinstein did nothing wrong or illegal.12020-02-24 12:50
968Greta Thunberg's Climate Crisis.812020-02-16 21:27
969Left for forced vasectomys.12020-02-15 22:48
970Bastardised ghetto English used by blacks in London.12020-02-15 15:55
971How many African refugees are living in the UK?12020-02-15 15:47
972How many Africans are undocumented in the UK?12020-02-15 15:46
973How many Africans come from abroad to work in the UK yearly?12020-02-15 15:46
974How many Africans visit the United Kingdom yearly?12020-02-15 15:45
975What is the largest age group of Africans in the UK?12020-02-15 15:44
976How many Africans come to study in the UK yearly?12020-02-15 15:43
977How many Africans live in Northern Ireland?12020-02-15 15:41
978How many Africans live in Scotland?12020-02-15 15:41
979How many Africans live in Wales?12020-02-15 15:39
980How many Africans live in England?12020-02-15 15:39
981Top 10 African countries with the highest diaspora in the UK12020-02-15 15:38
982Where are Africans mostly populated in the United Kingdom?12020-02-15 15:38
983What is the largest African community in the UK?12020-02-15 15:37
984What is the largest African community residing in the UK?12020-02-15 15:36
985How many British born Africans are living in the UK?12020-02-15 15:34
986How many Africans are living in the United Kingdom?22020-03-30 02:41
987Any reason this fucking kike refuses to address this?22020-02-14 23:36
988Flat Earth Theory.42020-02-14 23:27
989Windrush generation.12020-02-14 07:30
990Forced diversity.22020-02-14 07:22
991African American Murder Rate.12020-02-13 07:27
992Evidence Debunks the Out-of-Africa, the left rage racism.12020-02-09 17:27
993Cultural appropriation of white culture by blacks.12020-02-04 19:59
994Black are not the same humans as white.12020-02-01 15:16
995Trans-Women are not Women.32020-01-28 08:22
996Rapist Kobe Bryant now a black god.12020-01-27 20:46
997This how the Left-wing works.22020-01-02 22:55
998Why is India such a shithole?22020-01-01 09:13
999Trigger warnings.52020-01-01 09:04
1000I've fucking had it.42019-12-30 04:08
1001--> Come on Komfy Guys and Gals <-- https://mewch.ru32019-12-30 04:11
1002#GirlySnot32019-12-07 22:06
1003Identity politics is the end of Western society.12019-11-17 17:26
1004Everybody MUST pay more taxes.12019-11-10 17:12
1005I Hate my skin color.32019-10-27 23:47
1006Who are the English?12019-10-27 23:47
1007Father Jack Hackett English.12019-10-13 10:35
1008Finally proof that the left are all pedos.42019-10-04 06:42
1009Nappy haired girl lied.22019-09-30 21:46
1010Greta Thunberg is a spoilt brat.12019-09-28 21:52
1011British Schools.12019-09-24 18:54
1012The Adam's Apple Brigade.12019-09-24 18:17
1013Spacechan32019-09-24 18:16
1014Anita Sarkeesian launches #metoo campaign42019-09-22 00:55
1015The meaning of Diversity.12019-09-20 21:15
1016Black, gay and transgender activists.12019-09-19 13:34
1017Blackface, Whiteface and Jewface are racist.12019-09-19 12:37
1018London the new South Africa, an immigrant warzone.22019-09-19 12:13
1019Fuck You Burger King, I want my plastic toy!22019-09-19 11:05
1020Muslim immigrants attack Indian man on Bus.42019-09-19 11:06
1021Alec Holowka has committed suicide because of Zoe Quinn.272019-09-19 11:08
1022Immigrants a threat to the European way of life.12019-09-12 22:54
1023The Lefts evil plan.12019-09-11 07:15
1024Positive Discrimination is still discrimination.22019-09-10 22:31
1025First Nigger Bond, now Bitch Bond, 007 is done for.22019-09-10 18:42
1026Vegans like killing animals, just not eating them!32019-09-10 18:41
1027Faggots, queers, gays, trans and lesbians.32019-09-08 17:20
1028Robert Mugabe is dead, all hail black Hitler.22019-09-06 07:46
1029Virtue signalling males.12019-09-06 07:18
1030Is Goatfinger full of soy beans?92019-09-06 07:12
103121st Century Nazis.32019-09-04 07:08
1032Political Compass12019-09-01 22:30
1033Is a meat-free diet good for your brain?12019-08-30 07:44
1034Zoe Quinn accuses Alec Holowka of rape.122019-09-01 10:36
1035Katy Perry outed as Sexual Predator.42019-08-17 18:37
1036Liberals flipping their shit.132019-08-06 15:01
1037Media box ticking.22019-08-04 16:17
1038Patrick Crusius52019-08-04 16:16
1039Eurovision revote for remainers.82019-08-04 16:04
1040The Great Avocado Toast Starvation of 201962019-07-11 20:24
1041#DeniedMyVote52019-07-11 20:23
1042No food, no drink, and no watermelon.42019-06-29 18:55
1043Theresa May quits.52019-06-29 18:54
1044Fucking Mussolini wasn't this entitled.22019-06-29 18:53
1045Muslims go nigger in Oldham.22019-05-24 12:09
1046aaa22019-07-11 20:23
1047what's up with all these homophobic people?52019-04-22 18:06
1048Objectification of women.12019-04-21 17:42
1049I hate people who use throwback.12019-04-19 10:30
1050Black hole!42019-04-17 18:08
1051Black People Logic.22019-04-17 12:18
1052Why are liberals so afraid of the Nazis?272019-04-13 19:50
1053Why won't people date Charlize Theron?552019-04-11 07:17
1054Fuck Google Captcha.492019-04-11 07:15
1055How could you defend a rapist?22019-04-09 22:08
1056Islaim oh what a peaceful religion.12019-04-04 12:33
1057How do people have "lives" without being NEET?202019-03-31 18:48
1058Fuck the "faux" outrage culture.212019-03-31 18:35
1059Leftist tech companies are trying to divide and conquer.132019-03-30 20:36
1060Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has already won.152019-03-30 19:43
1061Gays in Birmingham.262019-03-30 16:28
1062Thoughts on Article 13?12019-03-30 15:52
1063Ocasio-Cortez rejected by the entire Senate.822019-03-30 14:50
1064Jussie Smollett and the Blackwash of Justice.32019-03-28 13:33
1065No Brexit? No Council Tax! 29/342019-03-27 20:53
1066One Million Brexit march, was not one Million.22019-03-27 20:52
1067The Mueller report was complete and utter bullshit.332019-03-24 20:42
1068Pro Israel thread12019-03-24 19:46
1069Why are Europeans so racist towards Muslims?292019-03-24 19:43
1070Being gay is not permitted by any Abrahamic religion.492019-03-24 19:04
1071How can I start a communist club in my middle school?12019-03-24 02:45
1072It's depressive you condone the actions of a psychopath.542019-03-24 02:43
1073Finally PROOF of the Islamisation of Britain.32019-03-22 07:42
1074Oluwaseyi Omooba is homophobic.12019-03-22 07:40
1075Nig-nog goes on knife and fork rampage in Norway22019-03-19 23:45
1076Now that the war has started,52019-03-18 19:18
1077Brenton Tarrant a false flag.212019-03-17 18:44
1078People in New Zealand are mentally ill.32019-03-17 16:48
1079Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Thread.702019-03-17 13:12
1080The Brexit Lie.132019-03-16 20:01
1081Brenton Harrison Tarrant272019-03-16 20:00
1082Vapers are assholes.12019-03-12 13:09
1083Immigrant Broadcasting Corporation.12019-03-11 13:19
1084Immigrant Broadcasting Corporation.12019-03-11 13:15
1085The idea that gays can experience love is stupid.132019-03-07 06:03
1086Feminism has ruined the housewife fantasy.22019-03-07 05:54
1087Niggers the fact we consider them human is insulting.462019-03-07 05:48
1088British government to ban porn.132019-03-07 05:35
1089Climate Delayer.82019-03-05 07:35
1090I am from Sweden.12019-03-02 21:58
1091Hoda Muthana822019-02-24 01:34
1092World War 3102019-02-24 00:53
1093British Muslim Awards32019-02-23 21:57
1094A transwoman is a real woman and a transman is a real man.152019-02-23 15:58
1095Race baiter Jussie Smollett suspended.12019-02-22 23:51
1096Bernie Sanders Thread.152019-02-19 23:51
1097The white right to exist!362019-02-19 13:56
1098Shamina Begum.12019-02-18 13:33
1099There’s only two genders.352019-02-16 18:11
1100There is life on other planets?352019-02-16 17:24
1101Convince me to become a left winger, /newpol/632019-02-15 23:49
1102What do you think about these two morons?72019-02-13 07:49
1103Why do women study post graduate degrees?152019-02-10 19:54
1104Retard coal.22019-02-10 01:14
1105Leftist Anti Trump Radio Station cuts off Nigel.22019-02-09 23:43
1106Government list.362019-02-09 23:43
1107What do you think about the police?62019-02-09 23:36
1108How different were these species compared to us?282019-02-09 20:56
1109Should i livestream it.242019-02-09 23:32
1110Wage-gap discrimination.22019-02-07 22:02
1111What's actually happening in France?22019-02-06 21:24
1112The BBC are in full panic mode.472019-02-05 22:36
1113African Muslim rapes Swedish girl.292019-02-05 22:21
1114Blackface.342019-02-04 13:48
1115The Changing Color of America.372019-02-03 21:25
1116Mary Poppins racist says ill-educated US academic.12019-02-03 21:09
1117So the entire Middle East is raping their way through Europe22019-02-03 19:45
1118Goatfinger82019-02-03 19:39
1119Michelle Obama is a man.52019-02-03 19:37
1120Another antifa fag bites the dust.212019-02-02 21:04
1121How do we rid Cuck,Black, faggot & anti-Trump threads202019-01-27 19:27
1122How violent blacks are.202019-01-27 19:20
1123Racism is correct.302019-01-27 18:22
1124Ask me about the yellow vets movement622019-01-26 17:53
1125Thoughts?72019-01-26 15:11
1126Hello, any LGBT Americans here on this board ?142019-01-19 21:59
1127why don't people give more of a shit about article 13?232019-01-19 21:52
1128Why are goatfinger archiving all our threads?202019-01-19 20:21
1129What are your opinions on scientology anons?102019-01-07 21:29
1130Islam is progressive.12019-01-07 20:06
1131Will Germany wake up? Or are they doomed.982019-01-06 23:58
1132So a fat woman moved into our place.92019-01-06 01:17
1133Why as a people are we so polarized?1032019-01-05 23:16
1134Did you listen to her speech brits?1382019-01-01 01:28
1135Why don't you millennials quit whining.92019-01-01 01:28
1136Recent governmental and political censorship.22019-01-01 01:18
1137THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS BEING "INCEL"242018-12-30 01:58
1138I know you all can always give great advice...172018-12-30 01:57
1139General tranny hate thread.1792018-12-30 01:55
1140Goatfinger is full of Cuckfingers.242018-12-30 01:44
1141Everyone on Earth has Neanderthal genes except niggers.12018-12-30 00:16
1142What exactly have blacks invented?192018-12-29 03:15
1143Angela Merkel appreciation thread12018-12-28 21:48
1144Interstellar travel.62018-12-28 18:43
1145I am contacting you from the year 2029.172018-12-26 23:33
1146Why isn’t this big news?222018-12-24 21:51
1147The Moon has a size difference.292018-12-24 16:47
1148How to stop Islam from swallowing Europe?312018-12-22 21:52
1149It is common for people to vent about racial issues here.12018-12-22 21:18
1150Gatwick airport drone attack32018-12-22 21:09
1151Transfeminism.12018-12-22 15:00
1152Jews are the degeneracies of the world.42018-12-22 02:00
1153North Sentinel Island.512018-12-22 18:48
1154Hari Kondabolu212018-12-18 07:45
1155Warzone Christmas Markets.12018-12-12 07:37
1156Warzone Paris.412018-12-10 07:37
1157Immigrants murdering immigrants in Briton.42018-12-09 17:50
1158Islam promotes killing people.12018-12-09 13:20
1159There's a Tumblr problem right now.482018-12-08 23:23
1160Globalist corporations are promoting racemixing.12018-12-08 15:21
1161Tumblr is blocking adult content on December 17th.522018-12-08 12:55
1162Song removed by radio station for being offensive.32018-12-08 11:57
1163#metoo lies12018-12-03 01:40
1164How many genders are there?992018-12-02 19:04
1165Is this racist?82018-12-05 22:12
1166George HW Bush dead.82018-12-01 19:08
1167Black Lives Matter102018-12-01 01:19
1168Should Antifa be banned?172018-12-01 01:17
1169Transgender Ejected From Bathroom, Insanity Ensues! CRINGE12018-11-30 23:58
1170Nigger Samuel Little worst serial killers in US history.52018-11-29 22:04
1171Incels are being converted to conservatives by PJW, JP, etc.382018-12-01 01:18
1172The Earth is flat.182018-11-29 21:40
1173Article 13.212018-11-28 20:36
1174Africa, what has this large piece of land even produced?752018-11-26 09:56
1175Alex Jones censored from the internet.232018-11-25 22:05
1176Should newpol(wh)ite supremacy be a thing?12018-11-25 22:03
1177This beaner is not white what the fuck.672018-11-24 23:42
1178I met a bunch of trans people.182018-11-24 20:19
1179The Left are all NPC's.1602018-11-18 20:21
1180Convince me Socialism/Communism isn't a load of crap.912018-11-17 20:32
1181High capacity firearms are going to be banned.1372018-11-17 19:24
1182Formal notice that this board confuses me.312018-11-13 13:13
1183White people hate thread...192018-11-13 08:09
1184You antisemitic fucks make me sick.1432018-11-11 20:53
1185/lounge/ faggots calling for /newpol/ to be removed.912018-11-10 18:24
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