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1Retarded mother let's daughter shout and scream on airplane12019-02-06 12:38
2Fuck the 90s, worst decade ever, apart from 2010s.12019-02-03 15:34
3What happened to Gianna Michaels?362019-01-13 18:06
4Sexual abuse of a guinea pig.62018-12-05 20:15
5What would be the best alternative ?202018-12-03 21:14
6Like poo with you Burger visit McDonald’s .12018-11-29 17:18
7#ThisIsNotConsent122018-11-19 21:18
8The Snowflake Generation.22018-11-19 17:29
9Stan Lee dead.32018-11-17 23:25
10Racist Denmark withholds Tanzania reparations.12018-11-15 18:02
11Tommy Robinson arrested again.22017-06-14 23:18