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1So i took the pfizer vaccine !222021-04-13 02:44
2Mike Anus12021-04-13 02:44
3Please get vax'd.302021-04-13 02:16
4The Covid-19 mental gymnastics42021-04-13 02:15
5Fuck now32021-04-12 23:24
6This board needs more autists.82021-04-12 22:25
7Belle did it!2822021-04-12 22:27
8My life at multiple points.82021-04-12 14:42
9ALL CAPS THREAD!102021-04-12 12:33
10Hello lounge82021-04-12 11:28
11/lounge/ how can we stop this?122021-04-12 11:27
12Incel pride not acceptable?102021-04-12 15:21
13The internet will completely destroy the social fabric.92021-04-11 20:22
14I'm looking for Sean.32021-04-11 20:19
15Why do Women ?82021-04-11 20:15
16cWc the Movie!62021-04-11 20:12
17Enter the anus.42021-04-11 20:11
18STOP CALLING OPS FAGGOTS62021-04-11 20:10
19The cycle never ends.92021-04-11 20:09
20Mentally ill woke offended people.72021-04-11 20:08
21The gravestone desecration?22021-04-11 20:07
22I'm so tired of millenials and their phones.92021-04-11 20:07
23Biden threatens consequences on Russia.222021-04-11 18:42
24Oldfags, where you at?12021-04-11 18:30
25That one chance at life !92021-04-11 18:18
26Do you think this is something that I will overcome?42021-04-11 18:05
27Really gets the noggin' joggin'.132021-04-11 18:03
28Why is Russia so BASED?172021-04-11 17:55
29No dating sites for adults with Aspergers?142021-04-11 17:54
30Just take the vaccine!502021-04-11 17:44
31What made the British Empire so powerful?72021-04-11 13:29
32Never really been part of society?102021-04-11 11:02
33WTF is trolface?52021-04-11 20:08
34The hidden core.62021-04-10 19:06
35she is a god among women342021-04-10 16:24
36The unemployed immigrant.72021-04-10 16:10
37Prince Phillip dead.282021-04-09 23:02
38Tokiko122021-04-10 18:58
39Biden the Gun snatcher42021-04-09 22:17
40Fuck work.72021-04-09 22:09
41Had to put down our cat today.352021-04-09 21:47
42Why Don't We Murder More White People?42021-04-10 18:56
43Radioactive isotopes are trans.82021-04-08 11:51
44I guess anti-vaxxees were right !232021-04-08 07:22
45Are coomers really gay!122021-04-07 21:03
46The immensity of the internet...122021-04-07 21:02
47Facebook user data leaked again.152021-04-07 21:00
48Post apocalyptic military strategies.62021-04-07 20:59
49I just bought this dumbass face shield.202021-04-07 20:59
50Anyone else got extremely comfy with the shut down?52021-04-07 20:58
51Government technology.282021-04-07 20:58
52God FUCKIGN dammit.282021-04-09 22:04
53The Red Pill.822021-04-07 20:57
54Do you think mental illness runs in my family?52021-04-07 20:57
55Vtuber boobs.82021-04-07 20:56
56I have proof that coronavirus is just an hoax82021-04-07 20:56
57Covid-19 Floyd.62021-04-07 20:40
58How do I get banned ?22021-04-07 19:53
59Faygo. Soda.82021-04-07 18:01
60How do you eat pussy good?202021-04-10 14:31
61Lurk Moar Newfags.142021-04-06 19:49
62What do?32021-04-05 00:45
63Never relax around niggers!42021-04-06 00:25
64Happy Easier.152021-04-04 21:36
65Not trying to shill or anything.52021-04-05 16:34
66What's she up too recently?672021-04-04 18:16
67Is it bad to enjoy the attention from people in love with u52021-04-04 17:51
68Do you think before you speak?32021-04-04 17:47
69How too make friends when people say I'm boring or negative32021-04-04 18:02
70Happy Easter everyone42021-04-04 18:06
71BDSM I am way too autistic for that shit.162021-04-04 17:24
72Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a Liar.262021-04-04 03:16
73Small town scandals12021-04-03 17:48
74Touching my balls.112021-04-03 17:35
75Do you like or dislike jews and why?142021-04-03 21:23
76I am going to FLIP OUT.102021-04-03 00:52
77I don’t get what’s the big deal with being high IQ.32021-04-02 22:48
78You been warned.82021-04-02 18:14
79Is online dating dead52021-04-03 21:31
80Have they lost their edge?72021-04-01 18:34
815G Network cancer72021-04-01 18:24
82Will this Social justice warrior bullshit ever pass?72021-04-01 17:58
83How the fuck do i triforce now32021-04-01 17:53
84Why do communists hate Christians but no Muslims?132021-04-01 18:35
85Whites are racist.132021-04-01 16:52
86I'm new to sex and sometimes i feel like I cum to fast22021-04-01 16:41
87Why did Belle Dolphine disappear?32021-04-01 15:32
88do you guys think its safe to order weed online?52021-04-01 12:22
89being reddit12021-04-01 11:59
90I want a goth girl to spit on me and humiliate me !12021-04-01 11:42
91Opinions on its always sunny in Philadelphia?232021-04-01 18:06
92You find out your daughter is a neo nazi142021-04-01 11:22
94I tried and I failed, brah.12021-03-31 23:05
95The agents.22021-03-31 23:01
96What do you think /lounge/?52021-03-31 19:27
97Why do people claim "intelligence is a burden"?132021-03-31 19:25
98Is Gothix based?482021-03-31 19:24
99Hey SFBE !32021-03-31 23:53
100How often do you people coom?392021-04-01 12:00
101Is Tokiko really BLACK or just LARPING?272021-03-31 19:28
102Is there a cheap way to get an airplane ticket?52021-03-30 01:01
103God damn get some new shit to talk about.42021-03-29 16:09
104ASCII Art thread.1022021-03-29 15:27
105Reddit hate thread.152021-03-28 23:42
106All I did was download a season of a TV show.82021-03-28 23:36
107Belle no nudes.172021-03-28 23:34
108Biologically engineer a supervirus ?162021-03-28 23:32
109i cant stop being a cuck.142021-03-28 23:32
110you wake up in a dark metal container72021-03-28 23:31
111Alright redpilled /lounge/212021-03-28 23:30
112Rap is shit thread.82021-03-28 23:28
113Is getting a girlfriend harder than it was in the past?492021-03-31 19:28
114Some people on 4ct missunderstood redpill72021-03-28 23:27
115BREAKING NEWS: IT'S OFFICIAL72021-03-28 23:27
116Just got my first vaxx dose scheduled for next week!192021-03-28 23:26
117Do you ever just stop and think about how far porn has come?82021-03-28 23:26
118I'm in a situation guys, would appreciate your advice352021-03-28 23:26
119Good job, you fucking faggots.122021-03-28 23:24
120Where is /lounge/ ?122021-03-28 23:23
121Chaturbate Tokens52021-03-28 23:22
122Everything is going to be OK Anon.142021-04-02 18:19
123Aren't femoid the worst coomer that ever exist ?232021-03-27 13:46
124Not be a sausagefest?112021-03-28 19:40
125Does anyone else find women disgusting?242021-03-28 01:07
126Solving the new £50 riddle.82021-03-27 07:37
127You ever put on 5 pajama sets to prepare for el cinturón?132021-03-26 20:07
128ITT: Racist jokes62021-03-26 20:06
129How can I help white male betas?42021-03-27 12:27
130ITT: Prove you're an oldfag part 2132021-03-26 20:09
131Did Africans invent any written language?52021-03-25 20:43
132Youtube is a fucking retarded.132021-03-25 21:04
133Can we live in movie gattaca now.232021-03-25 20:11
134When should I off myself?132021-03-25 19:43
135The feminine hygiene problem?82021-03-25 19:35
136Elliot Page is a flaming faggot102021-03-25 19:19
137Life in Russia is hell.912021-03-25 19:18
138r/antifa62021-03-25 16:07
139I HATE MOOT!82021-03-25 14:06
140Has anyone here ever used Viagra.142021-03-25 14:05
141My post history ?302021-03-25 14:04
142Do you take any meds?62021-03-26 06:39
143CWC Sonic Fast Foods.72021-03-25 14:02
144April Fools day 202162021-03-25 14:01
145We call it POP not Soda.282021-03-25 14:00
146SuperFratBoyExtreme is a Nazi.42021-03-25 14:00
147my balls need a good sucking252021-03-25 14:00
148do you ever wrestle with your cat?92021-03-25 13:59
149ITT discuss162021-03-25 13:59
150Conspiracy Theory Thread.242021-03-25 13:59
151What was the old 2004-2014 w4ch like?292021-03-25 13:58
152Lets just chill out.82021-03-25 13:58
153What happened to PornHub is a sign of what’s to come.32021-03-25 13:57
154Shooting in Colorado.112021-03-25 13:55
155Ganbatte1092021-03-30 19:36
156At least Rush died doing what he loved.82021-03-24 19:45
157So glad that you can still freely exchange ideas on 4ct62021-03-24 19:44
158ITT: No dubs allowed.112021-03-24 19:43
159Well huh you faggots.52021-03-24 19:42
160ITT SuperFratBoyExtreme has a wide anus.72021-03-24 19:42
161Need a hobby that pays.32021-03-24 19:41
162Little cat go outside and pee!12021-03-24 19:39
163Why haven't you killed anyone yet?102021-03-24 19:36
164My new Rolex Submariner.172021-03-21 13:12
165What's Chris' end game?122021-03-21 06:11
166I've never hated the human race more in my life.12021-03-21 06:08
167Feel like shit just want her back82021-03-21 06:03
168How can I become immune to humor?92021-03-21 05:20
169I smoked weed once.292021-03-20 22:34
170what message did Scatman John try to convey.102021-03-20 07:16
171Why does everything cringe start with the letter T?32021-03-20 07:00
172Sing us a Meme Song.42021-03-20 06:42
173Laughing stock of the world!52021-03-20 06:34
174what can i do to earn money in this economy?72021-03-20 01:04
175Want to buy some straw cigarettes52021-03-19 05:29
176Was it way better?1122021-03-18 07:45
177so what did you guys think about the snyder cut?42021-03-18 03:09
178Rapey the skunk.42021-03-18 02:35
179RedCream392021-03-18 01:47
180Hey SFBE !72021-03-17 23:55
181If you’re not an atheist, why?92021-03-17 21:49
182ITT we post our favorite hot sauces412021-03-17 10:36
183Reddit is goddam unfunny as shit!42021-03-17 09:06
184Anyone else have a love for older women?32021-03-18 02:19
185Will Doge ever increase?252021-03-17 05:47
186ITT if oldfag, prove it.52021-03-17 09:08
187Why is everything so politicized nowadays?112021-03-16 18:37
188I need your help faggots.22021-03-16 16:44
189How do I downvote ?32021-03-16 18:01
190Suck my balls.72021-03-15 19:54
191Just stop it right now dipshits.22021-03-16 05:48
192where the fuck are the normal women62021-03-15 19:50
193😍😋😗😘282021-03-15 19:47
194SuperFratBoyExtreme the meme.22021-03-16 05:41
195So should we really trust the Chinese government?312021-03-15 19:27
196[Warning] tokiko about to start stealing threads.142021-03-17 03:28
197Google Cucks 4 Cucks.262021-03-15 11:23
198Name a worse poster than tokiko.102021-03-15 19:35
199Right who did this?492021-03-15 06:18
200I AM THE SAGER.22021-03-14 22:09
201whats the best way to kill my moms cat?132021-03-14 21:53
202In Denmark I saw many girls just peeing outside.132021-03-14 06:45
203When monkeys are given first world accommodations42021-03-14 22:19
204Any cops or federal agents here?162021-03-14 22:20
205Holy shit what's with all the newfagging62021-03-14 04:01
206R.I.P Captain Kirk212021-03-14 04:01
207IMMENSE hidden wealth62021-03-15 05:23
208Addiction can be an asset.42021-03-14 03:38
209King Biden of Coronavirus.132021-03-14 03:26
210Why is it always an alien "race"?82021-03-14 03:10
211Why are we all here?182021-03-14 21:55
212we do a litle trollge, a litle trollge-ing42021-03-14 03:08
213Have you embraced the Reddit supremacy yet?52021-03-14 21:53
214Adopted a cat, realize cats are annoying as shit.22021-03-14 03:07
215Can’t even check /lounge/ at the truck stop?122021-03-14 03:07
216Taxi Drivers112021-03-14 03:06
217COVID-19 and my smell sense.72021-03-14 03:06
218I think my niece is a psycho.692021-03-14 03:05
219I find this very strange.172021-03-14 03:05
220I wonder why our women are so obsessed with niggers?62021-03-14 03:05
221Is it bad that I don’t like autistic people?362021-03-14 03:04
222Now Rickroll is up for sell.32021-03-14 03:04
223cWc202021-03-14 03:04
224I farted on the screen412021-03-14 03:03
225I hate being left-handed.52021-03-14 03:03
226Anyone remember the 1980s?72021-03-14 18:41
227White male privelege is a myth!12021-03-13 01:46
228The Pornhub Purge?32021-03-13 01:46
229Scatman's scatology.532021-03-13 01:23
2304CT is not countercultural anymore.292021-03-13 00:50
231Quick question from the IQ test112021-03-13 00:48
232Anal Swab62021-03-13 00:40
233Stop posting Asian girl threads.52021-03-12 23:57
234I keep getting disturbing phone calls.462021-03-12 23:51
235Anyone can learn to draw ?32021-03-12 23:17
236this is one of the best sites ever created in history292021-03-12 23:15
237Rosarita Spicy Jalapeno92021-03-12 22:58
238Bros why don't women pee standing?92021-03-12 22:52
239Please describe to me /lounge/ culture?702021-03-12 04:38
240Why would you take intimate photos and put it online?42021-03-12 04:08
241RPG Radio.102021-03-12 04:05
242Belle Delphine nudes dump.752021-03-12 04:22
243Root Beer thread.132021-03-12 00:20
244Why are these illegals more privileged than anyone else?132021-03-11 23:44
245The Quartering why do they keep coming for him?232021-03-11 23:28
246Why are you a misogynist anon?72021-03-11 23:27
247HOW THE FUCK IS THIS ALLOWED?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!82021-03-11 23:18
248Communists are agents of Satan.12021-03-11 23:15
249ITT: All women are whores. Change my mind.132021-03-11 23:14
250I was wondering if I should come out to my parents.22021-03-11 23:12
251ITT: we be talkin lyk niggaz n shi42021-03-11 23:03
252Why do tomboys smell like shit?322021-03-11 22:48
253Ban all the coomer threads.72021-03-11 22:27
254Starting a small BUSINESS..22021-03-11 22:21
255Can someone simultaneously shit ?52021-03-11 22:14
256I'm part of the group behind the Wyoming Incident.192021-03-11 22:02
257Anyone else here ever lived in the rural midwest?172021-03-11 20:22
258Why are you a misogynist anon?12021-03-11 20:03
259Liz Vicious getting fucked up.52021-03-11 19:41
260Just a hypothetical72021-03-11 07:17
261Rabbit hole of shit.132021-03-11 06:17
262I represent a group of transgender Redditors from r/trans.132021-03-11 06:13
263What do you guys think of SSean?102021-03-11 06:06
264why are you a coomer?242021-03-11 04:26
265Six months before I start college.82021-03-11 00:03
266Shitting myself.72021-03-10 23:41
267ITT newfags can't triforce132021-03-11 06:11
268ITT newfag argues like any of this shit matters92021-03-10 22:48
269The super straight thing.42021-03-10 21:02
270Any other anons have similar experiences?62021-03-10 19:07
271Feminists flew too close to the sun132021-03-10 18:45
272WAKE UP SHEEPLE!232021-03-10 21:38
273I hate everything.62021-03-11 03:52
274When will george floyd be arrested?52021-03-10 14:30
275My first and only girlfriend left me !82021-03-10 23:39
276ITT Greetings from reddit72021-03-09 19:33
277Dear Visitors22021-03-10 23:02
278Can we just boycott anybody named Sean?192021-03-10 19:11
279Pepe Le Pew32021-03-09 19:37
280ITT: Welcome to the flat earth society...22021-03-09 02:16
281BIG PHARMA MURDERS Whistleblower!122021-03-09 01:41
282Hitler with a experimental time bending device.152021-03-09 01:39
283The main thing that drives me nuts about women22021-03-09 00:33
284How often do you indulge?12021-03-08 22:16
285In the future all humans will look like this.32021-03-09 19:34
286My penis smells like spoiled cheese :(52021-03-08 11:13
287Cute girl farting on your face72021-03-09 01:41
288What happens when a woman rapes a gay guy?72021-03-08 22:17
289Holy fuck zoomers on tiktok are BASED.42021-03-08 23:32
290Does anyone else find shitting the bed really comfy?52021-03-08 00:33
291How long does piss inside bottles last?162021-03-07 19:46
292Hollywood secrets thread.252021-03-07 18:19
294Facial Abuse thread: Bringing it back.402021-03-07 17:21
295White ppl run Detroit black ppl run Wakanda Africa.282021-03-14 02:26
296Do people really have sex dolls or is it just a meme?32021-03-07 16:59
297How do I make a custom tripcode?312021-03-07 16:46
298ITT: Things that are a total turn-off in porn.62021-03-07 03:41
299Kill yourself1262021-03-07 06:56
300This thing is such a grubby cow.532021-03-09 03:06
301I'm about to piss off a gang of british chavs.22021-03-06 23:30
302Biden said Indian-Americans are 'taking over the country'22021-03-06 03:11
303Why is hypnosis slowly being scrubbed from the internet?32021-03-05 22:43
304Jewtube is becoming more and more cucked.212021-03-05 19:15
305I voted for Biden....82021-03-05 22:44
306Now guys what do we hate? Niggers and Jews, right?102021-03-05 15:29
307ITT: We acknowledge GETS602021-03-05 07:05
308anti-biden shill threads202021-03-05 01:23
309IIT: we pretend to be Plebbitors182021-03-04 22:56
310fag thread32021-03-04 22:35
311ITT: Post ITT Every Time You Fart [Flatulence]122021-03-04 22:32
312Ben Garrison cartoon of Trump getting his vaccine in secret?152021-03-04 10:19
313What Conspires Scary You the most?222021-03-05 15:32
314There are only two Genders.42021-03-05 12:58
315Unauthorized absence.92021-03-04 03:19
316Actually real people who don't support trans rights?72021-03-04 02:37
317Hey guys, I'm new around these parts.242021-03-04 00:55
318Consider this62021-03-03 22:10
319Belle Delphine1722021-03-03 21:22
320rAw TiMe Thread #3172021-03-03 21:21
321Belle Delphine thread anyone?272021-03-11 02:32
322Fucking invalid passwords.32021-03-03 21:19
323Any news on Belle Delphine ?542021-03-03 21:17
324Still fap to Belle Delphine ?1012021-03-03 21:16
325Can Kamala Harris tell the truth?52021-03-03 21:15
326Joe Biden's missile strikes, rises Legal Authority Questions?262021-03-03 21:01
327If another species intentionally visited our planet.42021-03-03 20:48
328Sleepy Joe no longer gives a shit!152021-03-03 20:46
329What are your "Mandela Effect" memories?112021-03-03 20:43
330The Coronavirus 5G Conspiracy.762021-03-03 20:19
331What's that one scene you've never been able to find again?2152021-03-04 03:31
332cooming billie eilish262021-03-02 11:08
333Nigger here next ?172021-03-05 15:37
334You ever get tired of being depressed?152021-03-01 08:48
335How much porn does /lounge/ have?62021-03-01 08:42
336Press F for Chris Chan.562021-03-09 19:38
337My apologies to our Canadian friends732021-02-27 14:42
338Red Pill This, Blue Pill That;1042021-02-28 10:58
339why do we let /newpol/ exist?52021-03-08 02:00
340Should I start pipe smoking?102021-02-26 15:04
341Stop buying Apple products.82021-02-26 14:15
342Anyone a vegetarian just because meat is disgusting?102021-03-10 19:18
3437 Radical Demands in the Equality Act.92021-02-26 14:00
344Why do girls always go out of their BF when I talk to them.592021-02-27 23:38
345Joe Rogan v Brian Dunning212021-02-26 10:52
346Youtude comments gets deleted for saying Fucking Chipmunk.52021-02-24 10:12
347Tiger Woods Dead902021-02-24 10:13
348Lockdowns are stronger than ever.42021-02-25 22:07
349Any new Belle Delphine Leaks ?1662021-02-25 22:27
350Autistic friend stories.152021-02-23 15:10
351I just found out I'm on the spectrum52021-02-25 14:59
352This is the funniest shit I've seen in months702021-02-23 13:13
353Ever have the urge to do the Christopher McCandless?142021-02-22 16:42
354Will the asshole posting links to /newpol/172021-02-22 23:57
355The Biden government is preparing for WAR.32021-02-22 15:14
356Schumer MOCKS Texas over deadly energy crisis.222021-02-23 08:40
357I only ever wipe once after shitting242021-02-22 12:38
358America is back52021-02-22 12:26
359Am I fucked?112021-02-22 11:40
360/newpol/tards in a nutshell.52021-02-22 10:54
361When bad shit happens I feel all of it.32021-02-22 10:00
362Steal MY bike, will you?82021-02-22 09:56
363she says no she's not ready.62021-02-22 09:51
364Let's all laugh at Joe Biden.282021-02-23 14:49
365Your thoughts on tik tok?72021-02-21 11:45
366Jewish anti-4ct leftist propaganda.82021-02-21 10:39
367The Biden Failure.382021-02-21 11:50
368Why is there nothing intresting on this board?92021-02-21 07:58
369Forced YouTube app sign in.42021-02-21 07:48
370Donald Trump 2024.1002021-02-20 16:48
371Coronavirus Disease Doesn't Exist.12021-02-20 11:50
372What happened to the internet?432021-02-20 10:58
373Quitting my job on Monday.122021-02-20 10:55
374Down in a deep dark dell132021-02-20 10:45
375Extraterrestrial Aliens Thread.22021-02-21 07:17
376The flat earth is round ?72021-02-20 09:53
377Sleepy Joe needs to wake up and smell the coffee1382021-02-20 09:42
378We are destroying the environment by just existing.112021-02-20 09:40
379Nabokov's magnum opus "Lolita".22021-02-20 09:20
380When was last time you ate nuggets of chicken anon?82021-02-20 09:17
381I'm feeling really sorry for myself.22021-02-20 09:14
382Found out that the girl I had crush on is pregnant :(42021-02-20 09:11
383Texas Death Freeze!552021-02-20 08:21
384Why do libtards hate free speech ?82021-02-20 07:57
385I want to eat pizza.182021-02-20 07:36
386I can’t believe this is my life now.92021-02-19 18:03
387Spice Girls.182021-02-19 13:12
388i'm gonna get something big off my chest.....1282021-02-19 12:30
389Breaking the whole universe.152021-02-19 12:03
390Too many anti-biden threads.302021-02-19 11:47
391Gina vs clown media.112021-02-19 11:47
392Why doesn't this terrify the left?102021-02-19 11:47
393Could I be sociopathic without my knowledge?52021-02-19 11:46
394How do we solve the Black crime epidemic ?112021-02-19 11:45
395Do Los Angeles really have these sunsets???72021-02-19 11:40
396Environmentalist are lying.102021-02-19 11:35
397Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ted Cruz.362021-02-19 12:41
398Qanon is a Government Psyop122021-02-19 18:32
399Purge all Gingers.32021-02-19 11:30
400Why did God make homosexual sex so pleasurable?142021-02-19 11:15
401Let's get to 1000 posts by 2021!10002021-02-19 11:10
402Joe Biden the Liar.42021-02-18 20:20
403Where is the money Joe.282021-02-18 19:36
404Why is reddit such a faggot ass website ?442021-02-17 21:01
405Cancel culture is necessary for progression in society.612021-02-18 19:35
406Stimulus checks vs 11 Million Immigrants.322021-02-18 19:35
4074CT Has gone soft.52021-02-17 06:15
408What will happen to Chris once Barb finally dies?852021-02-17 07:14
409His name was Brian Snicknick.132021-02-17 04:38
410Greentext of queering.102021-02-17 10:41
411LETS PRETEND WE'RE NOT :)62021-02-17 02:53
412Democrats can't meme.82021-02-17 10:52
413Americans have no culture.32021-02-17 21:00
414Life is one big algorithm.192021-02-16 10:14
415What's the worst thing a girl has ever said to you?452021-02-16 10:01
416Biden it's been 29 days and still no stimulus.122021-02-16 10:00
417The Great Reset Thread.42021-02-16 08:47
418Confirmed Texas a third world State.22021-02-16 07:06
419Can we get an early 2000s nostalgia thread?182021-02-16 05:20
420Why is everyone so mean these days?122021-02-16 05:13
421Is solitary confinement comfy?162021-02-16 05:12
422Are you ready for COVID-20?162021-02-16 05:09
423Ebola outbreak an epidemic coming soon to the West.12021-02-16 04:50
424Let’s write 4ct:The Movie!72021-02-16 03:19
426Nancy Pelosi is such a fucking retard.572021-02-15 19:29
427How were you introduced to 4ct ?562021-02-16 07:04
428What do you think about the R.M.S. Titanic?202021-02-15 06:01
429Going to Pizza Hut soon402021-02-15 01:57
430Are spanish people white?282021-02-15 01:48
431Trump not guilty, Biden says Trump is guilty.12021-02-14 22:56
432Get ready for Trump 2024302021-02-14 05:51
433TRUMP THE CHAMP ACQUITTED 2 TIMES212021-02-14 05:29
43412 years of Trump rent free living in democrat heads.122021-02-14 05:11
435Trump The Winner.212021-02-14 04:52
436Donald Trump 2 Nancy Pelosi 0342021-02-14 04:51
437Donald Trump Won Again.132021-02-14 04:51
438Trump third impeachment ?52021-02-14 04:49
439Why do black people think they're so important?202021-02-14 04:28
440Why are they going in circles around the cube?102021-02-14 04:16
441The Harris/Biden administration!112021-02-14 03:52
442Biden to allow hundreds of asylum seekers to enter the US.132021-02-13 20:58
443Evil Obama22021-02-14 03:56
444I was gorging on some Popeye's chicken and gravy.102021-02-13 07:56
445If Biden so popular how comes he didn't have a Funko Pop.12021-02-13 07:32
446Change my IP address?112021-02-13 04:42
447Gina Carano Uncanceled272021-02-13 04:11
448Gina Carano sacked by Lucasfilm Nazis.192021-02-13 00:59
449Why are all the threads here political?492021-02-13 07:58
450I have a friend who lives with his brother.112021-02-13 00:37
451Why is a modern music such a overrated subhuman garbage?492021-02-12 22:47
452I going to die alone?82021-02-12 22:40
453How much money would I need to pay her?62021-02-12 22:36
454I need to present a conspiracy theory for University.162021-02-12 22:32
455Doctor Anthony Fauci.22021-02-12 16:06
456Donald Trump was right.32021-02-12 05:16
457Joe Biden is a fucking idiot.92021-02-13 08:00
458Gina Carano622021-02-12 16:09
459What the hell happened to YouTube?152021-02-11 23:11
460The Black Lies Matter Idiots.232021-02-12 16:09
461why do NPCs love authoritarianism so much?32021-02-11 01:04
4624ct raids ?182021-02-11 00:54
463Why do Americans want to destroy European history.62021-02-11 00:06
464The Biden Virus.22021-02-12 16:10
465Tinder is fucking bullshit.162021-02-11 07:45
466Fact Check: SuperFratBoyExtreme is an Anus.32021-02-10 23:12
467Trump derangement syndrome 2021.72021-02-12 16:11
468Coomers foot fetish.42021-02-20 14:54
469Vaginas are gross.82021-02-10 04:27
470Who is making all the racemixing threads.82021-02-12 16:11
471STOP AND READ THIS.402021-02-10 06:51
472BWC Thread.42021-02-10 02:10
473Impeach 46.12021-02-10 01:33
474The 2nd Trump impeachment.222021-02-10 01:06
475I hate england.72021-02-10 00:34
476Yuri Bezmenov.12021-02-10 00:28
477Why does Patreon suck?22021-02-09 21:16
478Why are Democrats racist against the White people?122021-02-10 00:59
479Why do Liberals hate White people???172021-02-09 18:33
480Yeah.1242021-02-10 23:42
481Who do Jews do things like this?162021-02-09 18:09
482It's over.132021-02-09 13:21
483World Health Organization Cover-up Coronavirus.12021-02-09 12:30
484Where Is Joe Biden's Plan ?442021-02-09 07:31
485Winnie the Pooh has a lot to answer for.42021-02-09 07:09
486Full list of Joe Biden's executive orders.322021-02-09 07:03
487Joe Biden 1.4 million unemployed.252021-02-09 04:02
488Marconi plays the mamba.12021-02-09 03:39
489Is the British SAS the last bastion of white masculinity?102021-02-09 18:10
490Simple questions.92021-02-09 01:28
491Fuck crackers.42021-02-08 21:54
492Is eating pussy an essential part of a man's diet?112021-02-08 21:38
493Censoring the censors.432021-02-08 21:36
494Beijing Biden is NOT the President122021-02-08 21:09
4953 dead in murder-suicide over snow removal dispute322021-02-08 20:56
496Any scientific evidence loli and pedophilia ?312021-02-08 20:57
497How would you commit the perfect murder?12021-02-08 19:57
498Why can't I make sense to this person.52021-02-08 19:54
499Blacks only hired because of a agenda.802021-02-08 05:18
500My drivers license.102021-02-07 20:27
501subreddits search ?92021-02-07 19:44
502Do you believe in the globalists?182021-02-08 21:10
503Virtual youtubers ?92021-02-07 16:55
504Lou Dobbs gets cancelled hahahahahaha.212021-02-07 04:31
505Joe Biden the worst and the shortest presidency in history.112021-02-07 01:56
506Just run.22021-02-07 01:13
507Delete facebook forever.42021-02-07 01:01
508What the hell is going on in Africa?232021-02-06 23:47
509America was never great92021-02-06 23:34
510Anonymity encourages negativity.142021-02-06 21:55
511MAGA Mega thread.272021-02-06 20:32
512whats with all the jewish hate on this website?282021-02-06 20:12
513Not tinder?52021-02-06 19:34
514Shows everyone loves, but you think are trash.202021-02-06 19:29
515Coronavirus Pandemic is a Hoax.72021-02-06 19:10
516Women make up 50% of the population42021-02-06 18:46
517Tommy Hilfiger race baiting youtube spamvert.62021-02-06 18:40
518Mossad operatives on 4ct ?52021-02-06 18:38
519No checks.142021-02-06 18:33
520al-loo-MIN-ee-um212021-02-05 20:37
521Christopher Plummer Dead.22021-02-05 19:49
522How do I stop being racist?372021-02-05 19:48
523One step closer to Agenda 2030.32021-02-05 20:01
524Marxist ideology22021-02-05 14:28
525Antarctica thread.182021-02-05 13:29
526Help me understand Democrats.252021-02-05 09:24
527Are Aliens already among us?52021-02-05 09:21
528Liberals have gone Far-Left.222021-02-05 00:43
529Every new movie ?82021-02-04 16:12
530What do you think about anti-vaxxers?32021-02-05 02:17
531Taste of penis.122021-02-11 01:16
532Attention Shills.72021-02-04 13:20
533Impeachment of a none president unconstitutional.22021-02-04 05:17
534Doctor Who has been Cancelled by BBC.12021-02-04 02:33
535ITT: Lauren Boebert - newly elected congress-woman from CO.372021-02-04 02:49
536What are you thoughts on Democrat censorship?162021-02-03 20:47
537Dating apps?62021-02-04 02:51
538Im no fan of mr. Trump.112021-02-03 20:05
539Why did Liberals ruin Star Trek?92021-02-03 19:35
540COVID relief bill.72021-02-03 15:39
541Who the hell would rape AOC ?202021-02-02 23:27
542Dogecoin raid.42021-02-02 22:34
543I confronted my Jewish neighbor today42021-02-02 16:23
544Joke Biden312021-02-02 15:18
545Joe Biden's invasion of IRAN over fake nukes.22021-02-02 12:03
546Joe Biden makes 1 Million unemployed in one week.32021-02-02 10:42
547Quid Pro Quo Joe12021-02-02 10:40
548How dare you!212021-02-01 14:48
549Reality is dark.72021-02-01 14:45
550Happy Black History Month /lounge/!42021-02-01 14:44
551Marxist Trannies Trend.12021-02-01 12:20
552Text Paradise402021-02-06 20:04
553Listen /lounge/, can we talk?252021-02-01 00:27
5544ct origins92021-02-03 19:58
555The Lincoln Project run by pedos12021-01-31 19:31
556Adolf Hitler was a Jew.12021-01-31 14:24
557Joe Biden is a IRA supporter.12021-01-31 11:18
558Leftists, Why are you retarded?72021-01-31 11:11
559The Lincoln Project12021-01-31 11:04
560Fellow conservatives82021-01-31 10:52
561Why do Chinese people think Lucy Liu is ugly?212021-01-30 23:24
562Jews rewriting History to blame Europeans for HIV.12021-01-30 15:59
563Too many white old people and should not get vaccine.12021-01-30 11:36
564Biden's one party assault on civil liberties.12021-01-30 10:00
565The insurrection of being cummed inside372021-01-30 08:47
566Fact check: Ted Cruz tried to murder Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez22021-01-30 08:46
567Joe Biden the cult leader.22021-01-30 08:45
568Triple mask.72021-01-30 08:41
569Biden Bunker.62021-01-30 08:20
570How would pregnancy Speedruns work?32021-01-30 08:18
571Gamestop thread.242021-01-31 00:17
572Biden the Dictator.62021-01-29 20:47
573EU highjacking AstraZeneca's UK vaccines.32021-01-29 16:51
574Muh dick.162021-01-29 15:45
575Dear users of 4ct.12021-01-29 15:36
576Coronavirus.12021-01-29 15:26
577New Zealand in bed with China.22021-01-29 13:37
578Supremacy means being superior in power, authority.52021-01-29 13:29
579Major blow to the Biden adminstration.92021-01-29 09:07
580Weapons grade retard like SuperFratBoyExtreme.22021-01-29 09:01
581Republican Party seizing power.162021-01-29 09:00
582MAGA insurrectionists.352021-01-28 15:58
583Nancy Pelosi buys stock options in Tesla.12021-01-27 20:22
584Chinese Covid-19 anal swabs.12021-01-27 19:49
585Got to love leftists.42021-01-27 17:05
586Blue board fags42021-01-27 17:05
587Conspiracy theorists weren't so crazy about Covid-19.92021-01-27 16:56
588The sociopathy of leftoid freaks knows no bounds.52021-01-27 16:48
589Everyone hates Niggers and want them sterilized.42021-01-27 16:47
590He hung himself because of his girlfriend.62021-01-27 16:15
591President Rapey.52021-01-27 12:09
592Is Liberalism destroying the world?162021-01-27 11:53
593Biden it's over after 7 days.102021-01-27 11:27
594Exorcist for cats?92021-01-27 11:21
595Arch of Titus22021-01-27 08:41
596Surplus .45ACP252021-01-27 08:31
597covid-19 is man made by the Chinese.212021-01-27 08:27
598Creepy Joe Biden and his dementia.92021-01-27 11:17
599Office of the Former President152021-01-26 23:34
600Biden banned all US solar companies from making panels.222021-01-26 21:00
601Should I be worried?72021-01-26 21:00
602How long until China becomes number one?52021-01-26 19:15
603you absolute fucking qanon tards.82021-01-26 13:20
604epic hackzor skillz42021-01-26 10:35
605George Floyd on the US Dollar.102021-01-26 10:32
606I can't get fucking hard during sex.112021-01-26 09:29
607Biden it's over after 6 days.72021-01-26 08:19
608QAnon conspiracy theories.102021-01-25 15:48
609A war with China.102021-01-25 15:13
610Jung-il-pickles82021-01-25 11:24
611Donald Trump the 47th President.42021-01-25 10:13
612The Joke Biden Wrecking mechanic.482021-01-25 10:02
613Twitter refusing to remove Cheese Pizza.422021-01-24 20:47
614Poop thread.32021-01-24 17:30
615Biden Derangement Syndrome.42021-01-24 17:28
616Joe Biden has destroyed the US in less than a week!172021-01-24 17:27
617Joe Biden's plan to stop Covid-19.22021-01-24 17:26
618I may be a brown Indian with a low income but at least62021-01-24 17:24
619Chocolate milk is disgusting.182021-01-24 16:36
620Biden and CO in league with Sinn Fein Terrorists.12021-01-24 11:09
621Why are right wingers EVIL?42021-01-23 12:22
622Biden made D.C look like Tienanmen square.172021-01-23 12:21
623My family and I got COVID back in December.82021-01-23 11:40
624Joe Biden removes Churchill bust like Barack Obama.42021-01-23 11:34
625Even a senile person with dementia can become US President.412021-01-23 11:34
627Retarded libfags want to erase US History.42021-01-23 11:13
628Why aren’t you patriotic yet, anon?122021-01-23 11:09
629Belle Delphine's Pussy.12021-01-23 11:03
630Here's my wacky theory.92021-01-23 07:39
631How exactly did he incite a riot?132021-01-23 06:09
632Articles Of Impeachment against President Biden.12021-01-23 02:11
633Give me one good reason why Biden shouldn't be impeached282021-01-23 01:55
634Disney fires Gina Carano for being conservative.52021-01-23 01:43
635Joe Biden trying to stop The Patriot Party.12021-01-23 01:40
636Just saying.12021-01-22 23:32
637What is Natalie Biden trying to tell us ?52021-01-22 23:28
638What a fucking shithole.162021-01-22 23:27
639Any other Q brethren here?12021-01-22 23:25
640I love sniffing my own farts12021-01-22 21:57
641Daily thank Biden thread.32021-01-22 21:23
642Trumps Impeachment trial this coming Monday.32021-01-22 21:22
643Stop using Google produces.22021-01-22 21:18
644Impeach Biden now!372021-01-22 20:22
645Leftists. Why are you retarded?402021-01-22 05:21
646State your gender.12021-01-22 03:43
647Why do Democrats hate freedom ?32021-01-22 03:37
648CNN remove Covid-19 Death counter.12021-01-22 03:32
649A&W cream soda or Sunkist strawberry lemonade?42021-01-22 02:24
650Why won't 4ct build a censorship free twitter replacement.202021-01-22 03:44
651More Nazi Pelosi lies.12021-01-21 20:14
652Joke Biden, Nazi Pelosi and Katanus Harris.12021-01-21 20:06
653One conspiracy theory that not true.12021-01-21 19:44
654Give me liberty, or give me death!32021-01-21 19:25
655Decolonised curriculum in English University Oh, the Irony.12021-01-21 19:15
656Antifa turn on Joe Biden.12021-01-21 11:31
657Massive anti-Biden protests in Japan.132021-01-21 10:35
658Qanons only thread.192021-01-21 08:51
659Joe Biden is an establishment uniparty stooge.452021-01-21 08:17
660Joe Biden's military dictatorship.402021-01-21 08:10
661It's official Joe Biden is the Worst president ever.42021-01-21 06:57
662What conspiracies actually came true?152021-01-21 06:53
663Joe Biden's promotion of Critical Race Theory.32021-01-21 06:52
664No Peace & tranquility with Blacks in White Society.22021-01-21 08:19
665Marxism is inherently totalitarian.12021-01-21 06:45
666Tinder scam?172021-01-21 02:56
667Biden's Covid-19 Watch.392021-01-21 06:55
668Dems demand troop submit to a purity test.12021-01-21 00:48
669Hey Q how come no one has been arrested yet?82021-01-21 00:17
670Brown peoples inferiority complexes chimpingout.62021-01-20 23:04
671Warning to anonymous text board users.442021-01-23 12:23
672Donald Trump is not a Nazi.12021-01-20 21:43
673OAN did not air the fake inauguration of Joe Biden.112021-01-20 21:40
674Mainstream Media's radicalisation of voters.32021-01-20 21:20
675Dead voters or something?152021-01-20 20:25
676When Capeshit goes Apeshit352021-01-20 19:29
677Shock and awe.162021-01-20 11:03
678January 20th 12:01pm22021-01-20 11:03
679Dr. Rachel Levine, Biden's new Assistant Health Secretary.122021-01-20 10:58
680Anti-racist crybaby faggot Jews?152021-01-20 10:50
681Have you ever met non-degenerate gays?282021-01-19 20:11
682Plastic literally takes hundreds of years to degrade.32021-01-19 02:52
683The cold has no vaccine, but the Covid-19 does?212021-01-19 01:42
684Covidcaust232021-01-18 22:45
685Certification for being retarded.112021-01-18 21:49
686Joe Biden will 'head to the Cornwall, England.32021-01-18 21:48
687Democrat fascism in the USA.132021-01-18 21:47
68820,000 Troops needed for Joe Biden's Inauguration.302021-01-18 20:47
689Even if Biden gets inaugurated on January 20th.112021-01-18 20:35
690Reddit keeps suspending my new accounts.72021-01-18 19:51
691Coronavirus is the new holocaust.112021-01-18 06:19
692Pedophiles is Government.162021-01-18 00:38
693Q is a prankster.12021-01-16 21:21
694The Trump Card is being played.102021-01-16 21:19
695What exactly is the plan against china?72021-01-16 19:14
696Biden the Dictator.52021-01-16 17:10
697Jessi Slaughter Nudes.552021-01-22 21:16
698Proof BLM Activist Infiltrated Capitol Protest52021-01-15 21:54
700Black people don't have an internal monologue.32021-01-15 20:03
701How has 2021 been so far for everyone else on this board?32021-01-15 20:03
702Black people don't have an internal monologue.12021-01-15 19:37
703The leftist retardation.12021-01-15 13:58
704Nancy Pelosi Goes Full Retard and impeaches Trump again.32021-01-15 12:12
705Boris Johnson Looking to lockdown Social Media Fascists.12021-01-14 18:33
706NEWW BELLE SETTTT162021-01-14 18:21
707Well that was embarrassing.32021-01-14 14:05
708Covid-19 and the fucking idiot Boris Johnson.12021-01-14 13:10
709Black Drug Dealer Dies From Overdose, Blacks Rampage.12021-01-14 12:53
710You can't invoke the Trump.72021-01-13 21:26
712Purple haired proper pronoun people.22021-01-13 03:46
713Google is censoring all right or extreme ideologies.62021-01-13 03:41
714Trump is the greatest president of all time.32021-01-12 17:27
715Trump is a little bitch.122021-01-12 16:28
716Amazon shutting down Parler servers to Censor Trump.82021-01-12 00:45
717Have any of you had your YouTube account terminated?22021-01-12 00:44
718You can't bump the Trump.122021-01-12 00:44
719It's over, finally! Trump is out!182021-01-12 00:45
720Chinese Government is responsible for the COVID epidemic.392021-01-11 21:10
721Biden can not attain the lowest security clearance.22021-01-10 14:10
722Trump is the roman legions fighting the woke barbarians.12021-01-10 13:21
723Joe Biden is the worst thing to happen to America ever.42021-01-10 11:05
724Why are liberals such nasty little shits?762021-01-10 11:04
725Western racist film making.32021-01-09 22:07
726What do you think about Jordan Peterson?402021-01-09 22:06
727Trump never did have a plan.222021-01-09 21:51
728White people can't be racist against Black people.482021-01-09 18:58
729The hypocrisy of the democrats.132021-01-09 18:27
730You lost the Presidency.402021-01-10 11:03
731How do I find Donald Trumps social media?112021-01-09 18:17
732Repent, the end is near.72021-01-09 18:15
733Twitter goes full retard and bans Trump.142021-01-09 17:02
734Troll Threads.42021-01-09 16:52
735When will USA go to a civil war?132021-01-09 15:36
736Prove that the elections were rigged.382021-01-09 15:31
737Image searching with PimEyes?292021-01-09 02:16
738How do Democrats not realize that they're the evil ones?122021-01-08 16:16
739The new Doctor Who Joke.12021-01-07 09:50
740Jodie "Bitch Face" Whittaker 'QUITS' Doctor Who.162021-01-07 09:35
741Reminiscent of the collapse of the Soviet Union.22021-01-07 09:34
742There is no UK strain of the China virus, Covid-19 B.1.1.742021-01-06 06:47
743Blackenese22021-01-05 02:46
744Black cultural vandalism in the United Kingdom.312021-01-04 01:52
745Happy new year faggots.62021-01-03 02:49
746Coronavirus is a Conspiracy Theory.52021-01-03 01:30
747Twitter Account suspended.72021-01-01 00:12
748New York turned into Planet of the Apes by leftist.32020-12-31 20:12
749Coronavirus act ?82020-12-31 19:37
750Dear SuperFratBoyExtreme Please Read.12020-12-29 22:13
751Not seeing Belle Delphine nude makes you a faggot.112020-12-29 19:30
752Super-Covid-19 strain from Spain gets UK banned from Europe52020-12-29 13:26
753No Delphine Sex Video.172020-12-29 03:44
754Ethnic diversity among Africans is a lie.12020-12-27 19:03
755The All New Back-to-Africa Movement.12020-12-27 18:29
756Low quality content162020-12-26 22:13
757Ellen Page is now Transgender !222020-12-26 03:06
758The entire Belle Delphine porn video.152020-12-26 03:00
759Simping for Belle Delphine.422020-12-26 02:50
760Good hardcore porn debut from Belle Delphine.162020-12-26 02:48
761Stupid normies.102020-12-25 23:15
762Marry assmas.222020-12-25 17:41
763President of the United Russian States.32020-12-25 17:40
764Blocking the $2,000 aid bill.62020-12-25 17:08
765Covid-19 Avoid wearing a mask whenever possible.122020-12-25 16:14
766Xmas Belle Delphine Sex Tape.422020-12-25 15:57
767Gutter Oil.242020-12-25 15:34
768China your a fucking disgrace.222020-12-25 15:24
769Christmas present from Belle Delphine.122020-12-25 15:14
770Why do women hate Penises ?22020-12-25 04:01
771Batwomen TV series.12020-12-23 17:43
772Christmas lights now systematic racism.12020-12-23 16:36
773When will this insanity stop.42020-12-23 11:41
774Covid-19 vaccine212020-12-22 11:24
775The Black only Oscars.22020-12-20 19:20
776Why is it called Covid-19 ?12020-12-20 14:39
777Mike Pence will do the right thing.262020-12-19 23:21
778Trumps insurrection act.242020-12-19 19:01
779Belle Delphine nudes.452020-12-17 18:27
780Involuntary Celibate Movement.42020-12-16 18:12
781Super COVID-19 Hits London.92020-12-16 05:13
782Why Biden needed to win by Fraud Voting.62020-12-15 14:02
783Belle Delphine getting Blacked.362020-12-15 13:55
784Jews destroying our society.12020-12-15 10:46
785Donald J. Trump the 47th President of the United States.32020-12-15 10:41
786The Bane Of Modern Society.22020-12-15 10:30
787Anti-racists Answer me this.192020-12-15 10:27
788Belle's porno is going to be with a small dick.52020-12-15 10:26
789Another nergo bites the dust.52020-12-15 10:23
790Here is King Biden's official "pandemic" plan:282020-12-15 10:22
791Joe moments.42020-12-15 10:21
792Belle Delphine blowjob video.492020-12-15 10:19
793Bella and bestiality.82020-12-15 10:06
794More Belle Delphine Please!112020-12-15 09:51
795Global lies.82020-12-15 09:50
796The hysterical reactions of the trumpfags.242020-12-15 09:47
797Mark "Cuck" Zuckerberg is going to Jail.62020-12-15 09:38
798Muslim pacifist ?32020-12-15 09:37
799Democrats, the Media and Big Tech will Never be trusted.62020-12-15 09:36
800I got the gays for Ellen Page.142020-12-15 09:35
801You are being enslaved.302020-12-15 09:35
802My woman hole getting stretched.82020-12-15 09:34
803THE PORNHUB WARS.712020-12-17 05:36
804Take the vaccines you good goy!112020-12-15 08:34
805The Race baiting blackwashing of whites.32020-12-15 07:58
806Pornhub Thread.1852020-12-17 05:38
807YouTube will remove all video if Eric Ciaramella mentioned.22020-12-12 02:10
808SARS-CoV-2 vaccine.62020-12-11 22:26
809Belle Delphine Goes Hardcore 25th December.362020-12-11 02:14
81017 states back Texas and Trump.12020-12-10 01:41
811Eric Swalwell and Chinese Spy, oh the Democratic Party.12020-12-09 20:16
812Trump won, The USA is now worse than USSR.52020-12-09 00:22
813Chinese bonds are Junk.52020-12-07 08:48
814Trans men are fake men.12020-12-07 04:52
815Trans women are fake women.12020-12-07 04:48
816Google to delete stored files from, Gmail, Drive and Photos.22020-12-07 00:59
817Joe Biden's attempted of Rudy Giuliani.12020-12-06 21:33
818CANZUK - The worlds most powerful union.12020-12-06 17:07
819Black Lives Matter is a Terrorist Movement.12020-12-06 15:28
820Christmas movies felt non-inclusive.12020-12-06 12:28
821Biden's inclusive voter fraud organization.22020-12-06 02:25
822This claim about election fraud is disputed.142020-12-05 18:21
823Dr. Fauci join Biden, No vaccinations until April.12020-12-05 11:47
824Joe Biden asks America to wear 100 marks for a day.22020-12-05 11:34
825Black lives matter motto.22020-12-04 07:12
8262021 Biden War.32020-12-04 07:10
827Adolf Hitler wins election.12020-12-03 15:47
828AG Bill Barr is Deep state!32020-12-02 16:58
829Decemberchan102020-12-01 23:30
830No nut November progress report222020-12-01 22:24
831What's worse?12020-12-01 14:53
832Joe Biden Dead.32020-12-01 11:45
833Irrefutable evidence of a rigged election.82020-11-30 21:44
834The racism on here is getting pretty boring.202020-11-30 21:42
835More and more black and brown people in movies and TV?852020-11-30 21:30
836New Belle Delphine Thread102020-11-30 21:19
837The Utah Desert Monolith.462020-11-29 12:56
838What do all these counties have in common?42020-11-28 23:23
839Low profile in a connected society.42020-11-28 13:26
840Dementia Joe.62020-11-27 22:04
841Conspiracy general thread.122020-11-26 21:20
842Africa has no history.82020-11-26 12:21
843The Microsoft vaccine.42020-11-25 20:22
844Is Sidney Powell Stupid, Or Deliberately Sabotaging?252020-11-25 20:19
845RIP Madonna..22020-11-25 20:16
846Belle Delphine so flat.302020-11-25 20:15
847Rena Topless92020-11-25 08:56
848Joe Biden and the Great Reset.52020-11-25 20:09
849Belle Delphine4382020-11-24 14:42
850Will Belle Delphine go full nude ?1442020-11-24 14:38
851New YouTube ad policy.42020-11-24 14:38
852Is Belle Delphine finally doing it?722020-11-24 13:24
853Belle Delphine has blessed us with boobs.472020-11-23 19:14
854Belle Simps.92020-11-23 11:48
855Belle finally did it122020-11-23 11:47
856Why do people keep saying transgender is real.42020-11-23 10:57
857Why are we here?82020-11-23 10:53
858Joe Bidens Concession Speech.252020-11-23 10:29
859COVID-19 is real.312020-11-23 10:02
860So I am dropping out of university because I’m failing.72020-11-23 09:57
861Ha ha ha that was funny Biden.32020-11-23 09:58
8624ct is the home of Counter Surveillance Dystopia.92020-12-15 03:58
863Biden/Harris/AOC/Sanders Marxist utopia.22020-11-20 16:07
864It’s safe to say Trump won again right?5032020-11-18 03:56
865Game over for Biden.212020-11-17 11:22
866Is Jo Ann Hardesty mentally retarded?52020-11-16 20:38
867An unchallenged China.112020-11-15 17:16
868Gates Foundation372020-11-15 04:52
869Jewtube livestream archives.132020-11-15 04:22
870More needless diversity pandering.822020-11-15 00:17
871Alex Jones and the CIA.172020-11-14 23:42
872Ticketmaster and the Covid-19 Passport.402020-11-14 23:10
873Why are Leftists so racist.142020-11-14 21:34
874All will be destroyed.42020-11-14 19:41
875British and English are not interchangeable.22020-11-15 05:32
876Study of uncensored places of free speech.122020-11-14 08:53
877Uncontrollable little shit.282020-11-14 04:36
878My mommy is a bitch whore.42020-11-14 23:35
879Is Kamala Harris mentally retarded?32020-11-13 18:21
880The Trump administration.342020-11-12 02:57
881Why is every advert on YouTube only Niggers.22020-11-11 22:47
882Mainstream media covering up voter fraud.32020-11-11 18:53
883Think about the peace loving refugee.22020-11-12 01:59
884Superior Biden gloating thread.32020-11-11 09:48
885We the British love Donald Trump.82020-11-11 09:39
886Diversity Destorys Social Cohesion and Trust.22020-11-11 09:37
887Ernst Röhm was a homosexual.122020-11-10 22:54
888What an embarrassing time to be alive.92020-11-10 22:48
889Covid-21 the second pandemic.112020-11-10 22:55
890Democrats are a bunch of woke faggots.102020-11-10 15:36
891What will happen when BIDEN has to concede?252020-11-10 06:53
892Election Fraud.222020-11-10 06:53
893Trump certified as 46th president1032020-11-10 05:54
894Do you trust a single thing the media says ?92020-11-10 04:26
895The cannibalization of the Democrat party62020-11-10 01:38
896i AM SO FUCKING MAD RIGHT NOW132020-11-10 01:14
897Trump Accountability Project.32020-11-10 03:26
898South Africa still collapsing52020-11-09 19:31
899Anyone know how black girls born in Europe act?42020-11-08 18:05
900Your 46th President of these United States of America:232020-11-08 18:17
901Fraudulent barcode ballots.262020-11-08 17:54
902Inevitable white nigger chimp out?112020-11-08 17:58
903What does a race even mean?482020-11-08 15:25
904BLM have already turned on Biden62020-11-08 16:44
905a country full of manchildren.72020-11-08 15:20
906Trumpanzee chimpout.242020-11-08 18:06
907Biden China Russia.32020-11-08 18:17
908The Lincoln Project32020-11-07 17:12
909I hate colored people.12020-11-07 01:50
9102020 voter fraud.482020-11-06 19:54
911mfw the evidence adds up102020-11-06 19:49
912Anonymous are Nigger lovers.92020-11-08 18:06
913The first incumbent president to lose in 28 years.212020-11-08 18:06
914Joe Biden directly linked to Terrorist funding22020-11-05 14:07
915President Backdoor Harris.122020-11-05 03:14
916Trunalimunumaprzure, four more years of GEORGE.72020-11-06 19:20
917Trump landslide victory.112020-11-05 03:11
918Time to lobby Boris Johnston to ban Biden from UK.32020-11-05 10:56
919President Pedo.12020-11-05 03:09
920KEEP FUCKING COUNTING !92020-11-05 03:07
921Why do you fags act like this changes anything?202020-11-05 03:06
922The gold party.82020-11-05 03:05
923Ahmaud Arbery3332020-11-05 00:17
924Trump holds Indiana.82020-11-06 20:00
925Biden won and trumptards are mad.272020-11-04 22:24
926republicans are getting absolutely killed.212020-11-04 22:22
927Joe Biden is a fucking idiot.172020-11-04 01:12
9282020 Who won what!312020-11-04 01:10
929It's over.222020-11-04 01:13
930Just a few more hourse for BLUE TEXAS 2020.312020-11-03 23:19
931If you're going to vote today.62020-11-03 23:14
932If Mr. Trump wins ?322020-11-03 19:19
933Republican Riots.452020-11-03 18:52
934Honest question, why are you voting for biden/harris?682020-11-03 18:26
935Biden Supermax thread.1252020-11-03 17:31
936Really America this the man you are voting for?72020-11-03 17:20
937Why you're voting for the wrong guy.52020-11-03 04:12
938The jewyist Jew.42020-11-03 02:25
939The absolute state of Dems...122020-11-04 01:12
940SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus has mutated.22020-11-02 18:45
941Fucking China Town.412020-11-03 00:03
942Biden vs Trump.382020-11-02 23:50
943Tolerance Zone102020-11-02 12:45
944Do the right thing. Vote for Joe Biden on November 3rd.382020-11-02 12:43
945iberals are self righteous retards who believe in182020-11-02 13:26
946She has an ausie accent302020-11-02 12:41
947People who use the word cringe are cringe.12020-11-01 21:49
948Any have a stream for Fox News live feed?122020-11-02 13:27
949Christian Weston Chandler died of Covid-19.392020-11-01 00:24
950Western friends, convert to Islam, now or die!62020-10-31 17:37
951I've got COVID of the arse.52020-10-31 17:34
952Sean Connery is dead.152020-10-31 17:06
953Knee before BLM272020-10-31 17:03
954Covid-19332020-10-31 17:00
955Covid numbers only spiking in Democrat cities?202020-11-02 13:29
956Fucking vtubers.52020-11-02 13:29
957Female gaming buddy is anti-Semitic.112020-10-31 15:15
958Zoomers are so dumb.182020-10-31 15:09
959Trump is Gone.52020-10-30 20:02
960#VoteBlue72020-10-30 19:33
961The moment Trump wins the election.142020-10-30 19:33
962My name is Joe Biden and I am running for the senate.342020-10-30 19:22
963Biden died of COVID-19.72020-10-30 18:58
964After Biden wins Harris will need to resign.102020-10-30 18:56
965Proof Joe Biden is a fraud.32020-10-30 18:45
966Black lives never mattered.42020-10-29 22:52
967Muslims murder again in France.372020-10-29 20:20
968Too many problems.32020-10-29 12:32
969I walked in a park everyday, stupid women.172020-10-29 03:41
970Stupid dish TV.42020-10-29 01:19
971I can't wait for Biden to win.42020-10-28 23:49
972Blue states.112020-10-28 14:34
973riots in philadelphia32020-10-28 14:31
974BIDEN IT'S OVER!442020-10-27 22:03
975Hunter Biden sex tape.262020-10-27 13:18
976Youtube to MP3 converter.122020-10-26 18:30
977Prove me wrong Jews.132020-10-26 16:10
978Why do blacks statistically have a lower IQ than whites?152020-10-26 16:03
979Jumping on the cancel culture.142020-10-26 14:55
980Political covid.232020-10-26 14:19
981George, erm George, Biden forgets who he's running against12020-10-26 11:51
982How do we cure the Trump disease?82020-10-26 07:41
983Is sex really cool?142020-10-25 13:05
984Unite hate thread.72020-10-29 22:15
985The popular vote doesn’t matter.172020-10-25 00:02
986Borat Subsequent Moviefilm1272020-10-24 23:52
987Fucking stupid dipshit shills.42020-10-24 21:31
988I should just give up.62020-10-24 20:40
989This proves the incels lost Gamergate.72020-10-24 20:16
990Violent white supremacist hate crimes382020-10-24 20:16
991The United States of Cucks.602020-10-24 16:33
992I’m left of center in politics.132020-10-24 08:20
993This debate was a disaster for Biden.312020-10-23 23:48
994Don't go outside82020-10-23 22:40
995How does it feel to coexist with darkies?42020-10-23 22:39
996The new borat film.72020-10-23 22:08
997Reddit fag92020-10-23 11:23
998Youtube Shadowban Pewdiepie.32020-10-23 10:22
999Not even near the same philosophies.52020-10-23 22:17
1000Controlling people with social media.52020-10-22 22:53
1001But what will happen if Joe Biden actually wins?42020-10-22 22:44
1002Joe Biden is ahead in the six battleground states112020-10-22 19:56
1003Tor thread.102020-10-22 19:42
1004Rudy Giuliani in a hotel room 15 year old girl.62020-10-22 15:51
1005Woman getting beaten by a Asian guy.42020-10-22 10:36
1006Give me your no holds barred view on BLM.1232020-10-22 08:25
1007A note for anyone who votes for Biden.222020-10-21 22:21
1008I'm from Reddit122020-10-21 22:18
1009Dropped off my ballot.92020-10-23 22:12
1010Biden can't even win a fixed election.202020-10-21 22:20
1011take your meds252020-10-21 18:28
1012Blacks are 10 times more likely to have hiv than whites.232020-10-21 11:53
1013What are your thoughts on Reddit?232020-10-21 00:54
1014Your poetry142020-10-21 00:43
1015How do we fix America?52020-10-21 00:30
1016Sony releases a BLM theme for the Ps4.102020-10-20 11:11
1017Middle-East NASA land in England.22020-10-19 21:18
1018Which stupid Xbox thread.102020-10-18 23:37
1019Trump to win.242020-10-18 19:50
1020Joe Biden in bed with both Russia and China.32020-10-18 19:47
1021Hillary Clinton pedophile ring.72020-10-20 00:09
1022A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for war in Syria.42020-10-18 19:41
1023I don't care about your partisan bullshit.772020-10-18 19:39
1024trumptards392020-10-18 19:38
1025Colorado Mask Hysteria22020-10-18 18:50
1026Discord thread.312020-10-20 17:40
1027The Legends52020-10-18 07:21
1028No bat soup.102020-10-17 22:18
1030The Joe Biden Test.32020-10-17 22:11
1031Face it, You're an accessory to them.22020-10-18 07:33
1032Refugees welcome thread.1552020-10-18 01:33
1033Evolution of hate.132020-10-17 17:53
1034Draw Mohammad Day82020-10-17 12:44
1035Jewish AI62020-10-17 10:06
1036Scatman's World.82020-10-17 09:13
1037They always turn me down for White guys.52020-10-17 09:06
1038Moviebob sacked again by escapist.32020-10-17 08:04
1039Biden email leaked.202020-10-16 16:41
1040What to do about problem neighbours.32020-10-16 14:57
1041Hunter Biden made money.32020-10-15 20:43
1042Web browser.312020-10-15 19:13
1043Government conspiracys thread.72020-10-15 19:07
1044November 4th is going to make America Great.132020-10-14 22:53
10455G Covid-19 SARS-CoV-222020-10-14 11:13
1046HR Girls.22020-10-13 17:42
1047Artificially inseminate highly inteligent women.102020-10-13 14:13
1048Actual proof or evidence.22020-10-13 09:55
1049Leftists killing Trump supporters.62020-10-12 17:49
1050Positive at kung flu.12020-10-11 22:10
105124 fucking years.12020-10-11 11:18
1052Sage this shit842020-10-13 04:03
1053Men are fucked if they are emotional.122020-10-10 14:03
1054What are your thoughts on the word "nigger"?772020-10-09 21:51
1055Alphabet devil.82020-10-09 21:13
1056Reddit is a circlejerking gate-keeping liberal echo chamber.172020-10-09 20:09
1057Squirting isn't real.32020-10-09 19:23
1058An false pretense.132020-10-09 18:39
1059The Year of Covid-19.602020-10-09 18:36
1060Dementia "Joe" Biden.52020-10-09 15:04
1061DELETE /NEWPOL/ ?292020-10-09 15:00
1062Hoagie vs Grinder112020-10-09 04:34
1063Fucking subscribe.572020-10-08 22:47
1064Why are Americans so painfully idiotic?512020-10-08 18:18
1065UK on full lockdown again from next week.22020-10-08 20:59
1066Servants of the devil.282020-10-08 16:13
1067After Joe Biden loses the election.832020-10-08 16:13
1068Covid-Trump.112020-10-08 15:15
1069Who won the debate last night?382020-10-08 14:42
1070Little Greta.242020-10-08 14:27
1071Guys!172020-10-08 14:17
1072SFBE's Newsletter.52020-10-07 22:30
1073My poor career choices.152020-10-07 22:27
1074Zoe Quinn attention whore.42020-10-07 19:49
1075The world is big.12020-10-07 15:37
1076White and Black IQs.522020-10-06 20:51
1077Biden infected Donald Trump with Covid-19.322020-10-06 15:33
1078Big Black STD Cock.22020-10-08 14:10
1079Dark web weed.72020-10-06 00:27
1080CALLING 4CT MAN162020-10-06 02:53
1081Hello from russian me.102020-10-05 16:55
1082Are Dems completely retarded?132020-10-05 11:16
1083How do I get off this site?62020-10-04 21:17
1084Too much of a coincidence.332020-10-04 19:51
1085Wtf happened to Youtube62020-10-03 16:33
1086Rick Moranis attacked by Nigger in NYC street.222020-10-03 12:11
1087Debate megathread.1652020-10-03 09:40
1088Biden Jew helper.452020-10-02 20:05
1089FUCKING FUCK FUCKS.62020-10-05 17:03
1090Sniffing and licking feet of girls.42020-10-01 12:04
1091be japanese22020-10-01 11:20
1092Right wingers are literally seething about the BLM112020-10-01 10:46
1093Question for oldfags.72020-09-30 21:36
1094What is the point of nations?122020-09-30 12:16
1095How the left think.12020-09-30 11:46
1096Little black dicks.242020-09-29 22:51
1097Joe Bidden has the questions in advance.52020-09-29 22:48
1098White Time is Racist.142020-09-29 22:37
1099Biden will win tonight.222020-09-29 22:36
1100Bidens Release 2019 Returns182020-09-29 22:35
1101boogie2988 about to get anal raped142020-09-30 04:20
1102Humans are pathetic.62020-09-28 07:57
1103New kopipe142020-09-28 00:01
1104Black Lives Matter removed What We Believe page.62020-09-27 23:52
1105Black Pill Thread.92020-09-27 23:52
1106Transsexuals are HIV.32020-09-27 23:50
1107Tom Hardy is the new James Bond.42020-09-27 23:30
1108I kinda want Biden to win.52020-09-27 23:27
1109Why are you voting for the Democrats in November?62020-09-27 23:26
1110Nig-NogWomen In Redwig.32020-09-27 23:23
1111A DMCA Notice of Copyright Infringement.62020-09-26 15:05
1112Porn database.102020-09-26 08:11
1113I hate whites122020-09-25 14:29
1114Uncle Ben said I should only call him Ben.32020-09-25 14:30
1115I actually cannot stand Reddit.222020-09-24 17:10
1116Interracial porn is bad ?82020-09-24 10:30
1117Sweden is under assault from it's Immigrants.12020-09-24 08:22
1118Hey /lounge/ just visited /newpol/.72020-09-23 18:43
1119Why are you racists always so triggered?82020-09-23 18:29
1120Are you ready for the matrix 4?162020-09-23 18:24
1121Not a conspiracy theory.62020-09-23 09:21
1122Creepy Joe Biden and his Pedophile friends.42020-09-23 09:24
1123Why are women so trash?822020-09-23 07:45
1124Princeton University Racist because all blacks are criminals.152020-09-22 13:14
1125Meme-generation Zeitgeist.62020-09-22 12:50
1126Chuck Norris jokes thread.172020-09-22 12:49
1127Liars paradox.72020-09-22 12:43
1128Losing wait172020-09-22 12:00
1129QAnon142020-09-21 00:33
1130The female body.372020-09-20 21:36
1131Who's ya favorahte LolCow?72020-09-20 21:44
1132You do realize all the hate is coming from the left.32020-09-20 13:39
11334-ch Gone.762020-09-22 18:17
1134Marxism is literally satanic.232020-09-20 11:15
1135Ivanka Trump says she'll have sex with you72020-09-20 10:56
1136Left wingers are retarded.32020-09-20 10:51
1137Cellphone in a theater ?382020-09-20 13:52
1138Why do Americans always clap at the end of movies?192020-09-20 11:29
1139Reddit vs 4ct102020-09-20 13:40
1140RIP Longcat 2002-2020132020-09-20 13:38
1141Covid-19 appreciation thread.42020-09-19 22:56
1142What did that one jewish lady do to make everyone hate her?422020-09-20 20:54
1143South Park does Covid-19.52020-09-19 16:13
1144African-Americans?102020-09-19 12:49
1145Memorize specific threads.72020-09-19 12:38
1146Immigrate to Canada62020-09-19 12:07
1147I HATE YOU102020-09-18 21:20
1148Whites are the minority in this world.242020-09-18 20:52
1149How do you hack.82020-09-18 14:49
1150Worthless women.112020-09-18 14:32
1151What is heroin like?22020-09-17 19:40
1152Covid-19 vaccine trials.112020-09-17 19:34
1153The world is cowardly.52020-09-17 19:22
1154Transwomen aren't real women.62020-09-17 18:35
1155Why am I in such a goddamn good mood today?72020-09-17 19:23
1156I was hanging out with my girl.112020-09-17 19:23
1157Rednecks and white trash trailer hicks.192020-09-17 18:44
1158Its that bad time of day again guys42020-09-17 16:18
1159The Harris administration.292020-09-17 16:14
1160Youtube highlighted comment.42020-09-17 17:29
1161Joe Biden's Presidential Word Banning Order.22020-09-16 14:20
1162The Social Dilemma142020-09-16 13:25
1163Are Russians Retarded ?22020-09-16 13:26
1164China's COVID-19 Cat Epidemic.82020-09-16 05:58
1165Bill Clinton and Jeff Epstein.32020-09-15 20:43
1166It's lost all social connection value.52020-09-15 20:28
1167The lefts race Segregation is working.172020-09-16 13:27
1168Billie Eilish thread.92020-09-15 19:55
1169Anything interesting ?182020-09-15 20:47
1170How does this makes you feel?42020-09-15 19:34
1171Do you guys think the coronavirus is real or not?522020-09-15 19:33
1172Covid-19 and flu-like symptoms.162020-09-15 19:06
1173Stupid Girl Face !132020-09-15 18:55
1174I heard so much about this place.82020-09-15 15:07
1175Anti-social Behavior.142020-09-15 15:03
1176Why are there so many simps nowadays?432020-09-15 08:46
1177The liberal normalization of pedophilia?542020-09-14 20:47
1178How's it going there guys.182020-09-13 21:08
1179People who live in LA, why do you do it?302020-09-13 20:59
1180This is the epitome of human beauty.32020-09-13 21:09
1181White girls twerking.432020-09-12 19:30
1182Theory about George Floyd's death.322020-09-12 17:38
1183Covid-19 big enough to end humanity.222020-09-11 08:47
1184Jessica Krug a mentally ill Jew.72020-09-10 19:55
1185Google is trying to manipulate Americans again.682020-09-09 13:50
1186Extraterrestrial abduction.1882020-09-09 13:04
1187What would be the best way to mess up a small town202020-09-09 11:39
1188Donald Trump nominated for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize212020-09-09 11:16
1189Girlfriend is fat and retarded.512020-09-08 19:18
1190Democrats are evil.302020-09-07 21:37
1191Someone's been bad on the queer bodybuilding forum.72020-09-07 21:36
1192My wife is a lazy bitch.42020-09-07 13:54
1193It's been one year since Zoë Quinn killed a guy.82020-09-06 21:50
1194A safe city for Black people, a war zone for others.1082020-09-06 15:22
1195What happens after you die ?72020-09-06 14:48
1196Black Lives Matter is a political movement.12020-09-06 10:08
1197The Cuck SuperFratBoyExtreme.82021-02-04 13:19
1198I've been thinking about something recently.182020-09-05 22:48
1199Why are there so many fucking coomers on tc?52020-09-05 22:47
1200What do you think about this guy?112020-09-05 22:47
1201ASMR192020-09-05 22:46
1202Chris Chan the Ding Dan!212020-09-05 22:46
1203Why did liberals ruin The Last of Us 2?182020-09-05 22:45
1204Any old heads?172020-09-05 22:44
1205Website with secrets ?62020-09-05 22:44
1206-- --- .-. ... . / -.-. --- -.. . / - .... .-. . .- -..102020-09-05 22:38
1207Noor bin Ladin192020-09-05 22:37
1208Digital ID cards coming to UK.152020-09-05 22:36
1209I've solved the construction of the pyramids.122020-09-05 22:35
1210Coronavirus restrictions and lockdown bullshit ?862020-09-05 22:34
1211BLM shooter Michael Reinoehl dead, KEK!1022020-09-05 22:33
1212Was The “Holocaust” Faked.1672020-09-09 11:15
1213Rittenhouse beating up a Girl.412020-09-03 02:14
1214This is it. Trump officially lost the next election...112020-09-05 21:14
1215A NEW DISCOVERY HAS BEEN MADE ON 5G!!!302020-09-02 12:46
1216Sperm is racist.32020-09-02 12:45
1217Are synonyms racist?172020-09-02 08:02
1218Can anyone explain to me why cats aren’t worthless?92020-09-02 05:32
1219Alex Jones vs Warwick Davis152020-09-01 21:17
1220Bella Thorne Thread.852020-09-01 21:10
1221What is the appeal of OnlyFans ?282020-09-01 20:55
1222Kyle the Kid threads342020-09-05 09:46
1223ACAB is retarded.122020-09-01 21:11
1224What does normie exactly mean ?172020-08-31 23:52
1225Murdered by Antifa,272020-08-31 08:45
1226After the defeat of Trump in 2020.132020-08-31 02:56
1227Avery Johnson142020-09-02 05:34
1228Jewlywood112020-08-30 22:37
1229Black Male Rapes White Women on NY Street.272020-08-30 21:41
1230Biden for President 2020.192020-08-30 21:36
1231Why do people listen to ASMR?132020-08-30 20:02
1232I cheated by kissing another girl, should tell her?112020-08-30 19:46
1233The difference between the right and the left ?722020-08-30 20:06
1234Black Lives Matter Terrorists.282020-08-30 18:15
1235If Joe Biden gets elected on November 3rd412020-08-30 18:11
1236American Civil War II582020-08-30 05:23
1237The phase of Coronavirus lockdown?52020-08-30 05:20
1238I never fucking turned it on.142020-08-30 05:17
1239Actblue put HIT on Kyle Rittenhouse.42020-08-30 22:07
1240Kyle Rittenhouse cleaning up the scum.432020-08-29 06:04
1241How do I start to date chicks?262020-08-30 19:41
1242How do we cancel time?52020-08-29 01:56
1243Black Lives Matter turning people racist.382020-08-29 01:51
1244Does he not know his son is absolute piece of shit?112020-08-29 00:48
1245The Jewish Society of Kiking.32020-08-29 00:32
1246The left so incredibly butthurt about the recent violence?152020-08-28 23:50
1247Peaceful protest is a legitimate course of action.162020-08-28 04:51
1248In a marriage without sex.52020-08-27 23:39
1249I tried everything to no avail.72020-08-27 21:52
1250American Politics one thread edition.92020-08-27 21:12
1251Self-defense laws do not apply.252020-08-27 20:12
1252Conspiracy theory thread.532020-08-27 20:10
1253Has anyone noticed an uptick in shitty shill posts?342020-08-27 21:10
1254The face of a true hero.92020-08-27 04:14
1255Don't you notice that time is moving faster?122020-08-27 04:13
1256You don't get a free pass to murder people!112020-08-27 03:39
1257Pornstars are supporting right wing authoritarianism.172020-08-27 03:36
1258Has /lounge/ been invaded by redditors and faggots?142020-08-28 06:04
1259Gunman is charged with first degree intentional homicide142020-08-27 03:41
1260Generation Z, the new retarded generation.42020-08-26 21:59
1261The crowd were yelling for him to be arrested.212020-08-26 21:47
1262Miniladd is a predator.62020-08-26 21:39
126317 year old kid defending himself from BLM rioters.272020-08-26 21:34
1264Anytime a right winger shoots a leftist it's justified?122020-08-26 21:33
1265I'm calling the election right now.402020-08-26 21:31
1266The short sighted nature of this board is disheartening.162020-08-26 21:01
1267I found out what happened with the shooting.152020-08-26 20:41
1268I’m trying to wrap my head around something.722020-08-26 20:34
1269Skateboard hit and run in Kenosha, Wisconsin.662020-08-26 19:38
1270Black Lives Matter was a communist plot.22020-08-26 06:58
1271Switch to Reddit !382020-08-25 22:21
1272Channel 4 to host Nigger day in 2021.42020-08-25 22:17
1273This is a safe thread.772020-08-25 18:09
1274Amazon orders running late222020-08-24 17:46
1275The Coronavirus Lies.2162020-08-24 17:37
1276What the fuck is wrong with Netflix ?282020-09-15 20:57
1277_______ Lives Matter1852020-08-24 17:50
1278Is fantasy portraying race utopias.32020-08-22 15:49
1279Covid-19 DNA altering jabs new yearly.32020-08-22 15:45
1280What kind of person spams blacked shit everywhere?182020-08-22 15:04
1281Google's Jews fucking with image search62020-08-22 15:00
1282I have an autistic friend92020-08-21 04:34
1283I'm completely for Black Lives Matter.62020-08-21 04:16
1284Keep it up.52020-08-20 22:41
1285Trumpards thread.272020-08-20 02:21
1286What happened to lindsay lohan?202020-08-17 21:03
1287Qanon thread.82020-08-17 20:55
1288any anxietyfags here?262020-08-17 19:10
1289Biden doesn't have to be a transformative President.112020-08-17 21:05
1290Why is /newpol/ so not funny ?752020-08-17 21:18
1291Is Coronavirus a leftist conspiracy ?622020-08-16 18:26
1292Chris Hansen152020-08-15 23:20
1293Bubonic plague hits China.22020-08-15 23:03
1294Mainstream conspiracies.202020-08-15 22:37
1295TC's Lounge uses Artificial intelligence for shitthreads.142020-08-17 11:30
1296They never start the conversation!122020-08-13 13:21
1297Gen Z killed the Internet.452020-08-12 16:15
1298SuperFratBoyExtreme82020-08-15 23:06
1299Things will never go back to normal.372020-08-12 14:14
1300Degrees are completely worthless?262020-08-11 13:09
1301Lets start with the new nazi movement...152020-08-11 15:30
1302Hurr, Cringe! Durr, Cringe!72020-08-11 02:32
1303Whites and Blacks are two different species.172020-08-10 12:02
1304George Floyd Bodycam, Finally The Truth192020-08-17 21:21
1305Hi there, let's talk about the dark web.112020-08-08 16:31
1306Twitter just banned BitChute as unsafe.32020-08-08 12:56
1307Google helping BLM target White businesses.22020-08-07 20:13
1308He is the best U.S. president in history.112020-08-07 15:58
1309Fast food is the best!202020-08-07 15:53
1310I need to vent, /lounge/.82020-08-07 15:46
1311I'm thinking I want to make a YT channel.172020-08-07 14:21
1312Trouble Controlling Coronavirus?242020-08-09 23:44
1313Why do americans get into fights over wearing a mask?322020-08-06 21:15
1314What the fuck happened to Reddit?322020-08-06 21:12
1315You guys think it's weird how we talk to each other?62020-08-05 20:06
1316Wife cried after viewing the new George Floyd video.392020-08-05 19:56
1317The SCP Wiki was ruined by reddit.102020-08-04 18:43
1318Spongebob Anime for being unsafe for children.132020-08-02 16:40
1319You don't have a cat because it's a companion.302020-08-02 16:07
1320Leftism is the new Counter Culture.212020-08-02 15:21
1321Belle Delphine is a brand.10002020-08-01 15:55
1322Half of the world infected with Coronavirus.62020-07-31 17:08
1323The legacy of George Floyd.952020-07-30 22:16
1324Have you ever dated a Karen?152020-07-30 22:09
1325Zimbabwe $3.5 Billion Compensation to White Farmers.132020-07-30 16:37
1326Why is LARPing so popular?122020-07-29 23:18
1327The residents of Seattle are on their own.272020-07-29 23:11
1328Protesters in America are labeled terrorists.172020-07-29 23:10
1329Bring back the imageboards.52020-07-31 13:02
1330Unsolicited packages with shipping labels from China.1122020-07-29 10:40
1331So what the catch with diploma forgery?212020-07-28 15:07
1332Why are google alternatives so fucking awful?122020-07-27 14:37
1333America is done.802020-07-26 20:47
1334So what happened, with those crackas and their tiki torches?172020-07-26 17:53
1335Capitalism is a really cringe ideology262020-07-26 17:27
1336Statistics for new Covid-19 cases are unreliable.102020-07-25 21:39
1337Would you fuck Maisie?312020-07-25 07:04
1338Anyone met Chris Chan?1482020-07-24 14:06
1339I'm going off to college soon.222020-07-23 23:42
1340Did COVID-19 ruin the world completely?162020-07-26 17:16
1341I quit smoking122020-07-17 21:45
1342The Last of Us Part II Thread.372020-07-17 21:34
1343Tor Thread.562020-07-17 21:31
1344The virus is not a hoax.272020-07-17 18:21
1345Whats going on none of these threads are interesting?252020-07-17 18:31
1346Whats the point of "getting a baby"?172020-07-17 16:17
1347Big butt my butt, where is the big hole?182020-07-16 16:12
1348There's an easy test to see if you're an NPC.402020-07-15 16:49
1349You sheep look so idiotic with your stupid face diapers.222020-07-22 20:54
1350Rian Johnson calls George Lucas a Fascist.302020-07-15 16:34
1351Mass Effect 2 Thread.292020-07-15 16:33
1352Tinychan name calling ?292020-07-22 20:12
1353Hello 4ct community.152020-07-25 15:52
1354Most comfy boards in 2020?132020-07-22 18:42
1355Spongebob Squarepants is gay72020-07-17 22:19
1356Google is a monster.112020-07-13 20:44
1357Planning on doing the following.192020-07-13 20:38
1358Greta Thunberg walks up to you and says ?212020-07-13 20:36
1359Is Joe Biden the biggest joke in Politics.72020-07-13 20:24
1360Donald Trump CDC are 'lying' about COVID-19.392020-07-15 15:28
1361Why are Americans so quick to extreme violence?682020-07-13 18:22
1362George Floyd Punching Bags.112020-07-15 14:49
1363Yanks, the world is laughing at you.182020-07-13 18:17
1364I was just a closeted commie.182020-07-13 17:41
1365Covid-19 was ENGINEERED!892020-07-13 15:28
1366COVID-19 will gradually start fading away72020-07-13 14:29
1367Why are women of color so repulsed by their own men?152020-07-13 13:50
1368Stupid Aussies and Coronavirus.102020-07-13 13:41
1369UN is Complicit in Supporting Terrorists.62020-07-11 22:09
1370Fat Black Lesbo Batwoman.122020-07-11 22:06
1371#DefundTheBBC72020-07-23 14:02
1372The Democratic Party's Donald Trump Hoax.32020-07-11 22:05
1373George Floyd Toys122020-07-11 22:04
1374TikTok is again outdoing Anonymous.152020-07-11 22:03
1375Trump to defund the Leftests.272020-07-11 22:02
1376The total faggotry.182020-07-11 22:00
1377What the fuck happened to him ?32020-07-11 22:00
1378Demonizing foreigners.102020-07-12 21:27
1379Alright you liberal sick fucks.92020-07-11 21:58
1380White Lives Matter painted on city street.522020-07-11 21:58
1381Covid-19 Vaccine.132020-07-11 21:57
1382Why do women act like they are good sexual partners?242020-07-11 21:56
1383Africa 2.0132020-07-11 21:55
1384Fascism is here, Its disguised as liberalism.92020-07-11 21:54
1385Trans rights activism is killing woman's rights.382020-07-12 18:39
1386When is 4ct gonna fix /bijou/?222020-07-11 22:05
1387Police RAID McCloskey and confiscate the AR-15142020-08-27 03:54
1388Let's Discuss: Fask-Mask Public Freak-Out Videos - Yeah!372020-07-15 14:48
1389Windows 10 version 2004112020-08-27 03:58
1390What went wrong with Greta Thunberg's movement?232020-07-10 17:11
1391Supreme Court Gives Oklahoma Away.112020-07-10 17:10
1392Everything is sexism and rape and antiwomenism.252020-07-10 17:06
1393Trump's tax fraud.312020-07-10 17:05
1394I'm voting for him.282020-07-10 17:04
1395TinyIB182020-07-10 16:29
1396Why is TinyChan so transphobic, homophobic, anti-Semitic.122020-07-10 16:30
1397Why do humans always make shit up?102020-07-09 11:38
1398Jeffrey Epstein isn’t dead.132020-07-09 11:13
1399This is what happens when the Democrats take over.352020-07-09 11:08
1400Karens bitching Karens in another low for the BBC.102020-07-09 11:05
1401Social media is only Normalfaggism.222020-07-09 10:43
1402What Black Lives Matter really means.132020-07-09 10:40
1403New H.266 Versatile Video Coding (VVC) codec.102020-07-08 18:59
1404Why do so many people hate JK Rowling and Harry Potter, now?702020-07-08 18:35
1405Gender is a social construct.242020-07-08 18:03
1406What’s your favorite Adam Sandler movie?252020-07-08 16:30
1407My autistic brain has enough of the recaptcha system.132020-07-08 15:35
140897% American of Men & Women Are Transphobic Bigots.392020-07-08 15:22
1409Happy New Year's fellas.132020-07-08 11:14
1410Anyone have any complaints about Pornhub in 2020?902020-07-08 10:04
1411Why didn't the jews just say they were not jewish?302020-07-08 09:52
1412Bill and Ted can suck a dick102020-07-07 19:53
1413Your masks are oppressing me!102020-07-08 11:25
1414He is dividing the Nation?412020-07-07 17:12
1415Bus kills 21 Chinese.132020-07-07 17:05
1416Drove through my hometown for the first time in months yesterday.162020-07-07 16:05
1417BLM and Antifa planing full-scale city riots.152020-07-07 13:04
1418Scientific Evidence that NO ONE IS BORN GAY!112020-07-07 08:29
1419Wendy's Nigger kills 8 Year old Girl in Carjacking.32020-07-07 08:24
1420How do I get my vagina to stop smelling like fish???182020-07-06 14:56
1421Black man punches 12 year old white kid.272020-07-06 14:51
1422Sup faggots?272020-07-06 15:05
1423Look at this shit.32020-07-06 13:47
1424Why so many unironic liberals ?242020-07-06 15:04
1425just lost a shit ton of money :|112020-07-08 11:27
1426Black Payback192020-07-06 13:52
1427The Epstein Saga.502020-07-06 12:29
1428Who would benefit from a weakening of the West?42020-07-06 12:28
1429Why do Jews still dress like it's the cowboy days?112020-07-06 12:27
1430Former fapchan/newfapchan owner here.142020-07-06 12:26
1431Summer Taylor Was hit by Car at BLM Protest by a Black.232020-07-06 12:25
1432Covid-19 Just Stopped.132020-07-06 12:25
1433Ann Marie Lastrassi132020-07-08 11:24
1434I'm just really fucking dumb these days.52020-07-06 12:18
1435Donald Trump is the greatest president US history.262020-07-06 12:09
1436Glock Lives Matter102020-07-06 11:50
1437If I loose weight ?72020-07-06 11:28
1438No Nigger Lives Matter162020-07-06 11:28
1439What made you antisemetic?182020-07-06 11:19
1440Let's get to 1000 posts by 2020!102020-07-06 11:02
1441I think /lounge/ could have fun with this.22020-07-04 17:48
1442Why do we wear masks for Covid-19 and not the Flu?132020-07-04 17:39
1443Problematic civil-rights cults.52020-07-04 17:28
1444Twitch ban Trumps inactive account for Hate speech.52020-07-04 16:18
1445British Universities don't believe in free speech.22020-07-04 16:03
1446God, what a snowflake-time are we living?12020-07-04 08:50
1447Convincing Pronouns.22020-07-01 19:33
1448Black Lives Matter Mission Statement?52020-07-01 19:02
1449Jesus as a White Jew is systematic racism now.42020-07-05 13:14
1450William Shakespeare was Black.62020-06-30 21:17
1451Why are Afro-Americans so mad?212020-06-30 21:16
1452Coronavirus Lives Matter42020-06-30 19:23
1453We don’t give a fuck what you think about us.312020-07-04 17:44
1454Adolf Hitler was a Black Jew.32020-06-30 18:14
1455Black Lives Matter UK.22020-06-30 20:09
1456Dollar Shave Club run by far leftists.42020-06-29 18:18
1457Companies that want to Censor the Internet.32020-06-29 17:31
1458What if I said these three things to you?72020-06-29 05:36
145999% of society's problems.132020-06-28 06:23
1460IQ's less than 100 fuck off.22020-06-29 05:42
1461The replacement movement.22020-06-27 16:09
1462Idris Elba and Lewis Hamilton.32020-06-29 05:43
1463Urban Jungle Jokes102020-06-26 15:34
1464Segregation is gonna make a comeback162020-06-23 20:47
1465Is this the greatest video of all time?42020-06-26 05:39
1466Black allies.42020-06-23 20:26
1467Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act82020-06-23 05:29
1468White Silence is Violence, How can this be logical?192020-06-22 20:18
1469Stop reproducing.22020-06-22 05:44
1470Time to Apologize. Today is June 19 aka Juneteenth.652020-07-04 17:32
1471Black lives matter has one agenda!82020-06-21 19:24
1472The Pleasure of Being Robbed by Niggers.12020-06-21 17:08
1473The situation in Seattle.202020-06-21 16:53
1474Let's fuck with some people.32020-06-20 22:23
1475Antifa related shooting in the "Chaz" area.362020-06-20 21:14
1476The Anti-Afrocentrism Movement.52020-06-20 10:22
1477How the fuck have Straight White Cis Men not snapped?82020-06-22 20:21
1478Time to down Martin Luther King Jr.472020-06-19 21:29
1479Sky warns viewers about film content.32020-06-19 20:38
1480Beethoven Was Black.42020-06-21 16:59
1481CHAZ made an "official discord".102020-06-19 20:16
1483Taking the knee protest is a symbol of subjugation.72020-06-19 18:35
1484Winston Churchill Raped by Black Lives Matter.112020-06-19 17:10
1485Remove the BBC licence fee.22020-06-19 17:05
1486All the black brands going away.72020-06-19 17:02
1487Immigration caused society to go backwards.12020-06-19 09:19
1488New Coronavirus outbreak in China.52020-06-18 22:07
1489communist bitch92020-06-18 19:58
1490God I hate discord.212020-06-18 19:14
1491Twitter is a tool for bullies.42020-06-18 19:13
1492Danny Masterson12020-06-18 05:49
1493All hail Steven Baca the destroyer of leftists.22020-06-18 05:20
1494Black Trans Lives Matter.72020-06-18 05:16
1495Nigger Rashid Brimmage punches Women of 93.22020-06-17 20:18
1496Only in America can you have!32020-06-17 20:17
1497Google Censoring Website for the Left.22020-06-17 16:46
1498Immigrants turn Dijon into Warzone.52020-06-16 17:56
1499Fiona Onasanya52020-06-16 06:13
1500Symbol of sympathy.182020-06-15 20:01
1501Alien Lives Matter.42020-06-15 20:00
1502Dead Nigger at Wendies.922020-06-15 19:56
1503Alright you liberal millenial faggots.12020-06-15 19:40
1504Inappropriately ruled as suicides122020-06-15 19:32
1505Thee 2000s better or worse?112020-06-15 20:07
1506Ask a Black Supremacist anything.152020-06-15 06:21
1507Ghana invites African-Americans to ‘come home’ to Africa.162020-06-17 20:36
1508All Furries are Antifa.32020-06-15 05:36
1509Who would gain something from the Flat Earth conspiracy?22020-06-20 10:30
1510How do I cure gayness?112020-06-15 06:20
1511Algae blooms in the canal system.52020-06-14 14:10
1512Someone help me understand something.52020-06-15 06:23
1513They just killed a preacher in CHAZ.332020-06-14 13:40
1514Winston Churchill Removed by Google.32020-06-14 18:10
1515Lori Elaine Lightfoot332020-06-14 02:32
15164ct lets convince tumblr users skittles are racist.102020-06-13 22:23
1517White Lives Matter392020-06-13 22:21
1518Ok. So let me get this straight...242020-06-14 02:35
1519CNN Says all White people have a Racism Virus.562020-06-20 09:14
1520Chimp Out Version 2.072020-06-13 23:31
1521What do you think about Donald Trump?342020-06-13 22:11
1522Yorkshire Tea Endorses Murder and Looting.52020-06-13 18:12
1523Great Britain header to a Civil War.62020-06-13 18:00
1524Elon Musk is a robot made by IBM.12020-06-13 15:40
1525Black Looting Matters132020-06-13 15:39
1526Promise to be a better person?22020-06-14 02:36
1527Karen352020-06-13 12:21
1528Multiverse Theroy Thread.212020-06-13 11:16
1529Cecil Rhodes monument and the BLM hitlist.82020-06-11 17:27
1530Such rude people pm here.62020-06-13 15:45
1531catholic girl322020-06-10 21:36
1532The absolute double standard that is going on right now.72020-06-10 21:35
1533200 million animals die everyday.82020-06-10 21:33
1534I have to pretend to be woke.72020-06-10 20:01
153593 million Wangs.122020-06-10 17:28
1536SHINI LASER vs big dick george82020-06-10 18:00
1537jewish girl32020-06-10 06:18
1538Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 23352020-06-09 06:15
1539Anti-Chinese Rhetoric.182020-06-10 21:40
1540BLM is all about black supremacy.42020-06-09 05:32
1541why are zoomera so obsessed with black people?322020-06-08 22:10
1542Save Edward Colston from Black Lives Matter.132020-06-08 05:32
1543What is your reason that you don’t want to support BLM?692020-06-07 16:29
1544Racist John Boyega.102020-06-07 14:23
1545Social Media Shutting Down David Ickes.142020-06-07 13:51
1546Israel is the most based country.202020-06-07 13:38
1547First off: I’m a retarded Reddit refugee.292020-06-07 02:23
1548SuperFratBoyExtreme is not RedCream.342020-06-07 02:22
1549Niggermania in Minneapolis.162020-06-07 01:05
1550What made you realize you were in a simulation/matrix?42020-06-04 21:42
1551Honest Anonymous Thread142020-06-04 21:11
1552It's over whiteboys. We won. Get over it :)252020-06-04 18:19
1553Tories allowing third world metal from US.22020-06-05 05:36
1554Chris Chan has Coronavirus.472020-06-03 22:20
1555Time to stop cultural appropriation by blacks.102020-06-07 02:27
1556Why are blacks so violent?82020-06-03 22:04
1557This thread is still being processed.132020-08-27 04:05
15584CT The Movie!42020-06-03 05:22
1559Google's digital dictatorship engines is evil.32020-06-03 05:21
1560Neighbour Cutting Branches and throwing over fence.42020-06-01 06:15
1561I actually fucking hate reddit, man.352020-05-31 01:01
1562What does 4ct think of 8kun612020-06-04 20:59
1563Mainstream Science.52020-05-30 23:24
1564Why are american people so retarded?682020-05-25 22:46
1565What's the worst thing have you done in the internet?292020-06-03 22:22
1566What is element 115.102020-05-25 15:32
1567why do you go on 4ct and not some other board?312020-05-25 15:06
1568The internet rabbit hole.272020-05-25 12:19
1569Camwhores.132020-05-25 11:45
1570Destroying White People Literature?532020-05-24 19:18
1571Name your top 10 favorite Jews62020-05-25 13:32
1572eFags on Youtube!532020-05-24 14:08
1573Twitch goes full retard.92020-05-24 09:58
1574The Rick and Morty Boycott.92020-05-23 03:13
1575Children should be seen and not heard.72020-05-17 16:46
1576Why would I buy a Carbon Fiber Tripod?62020-05-11 11:05
1577YouTube algorithm is fucking communism.42020-05-10 21:36
1578The Jews are behind interracial pornography.512020-05-09 14:58
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