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Welcome to the worst thread... in the world.

1 Name: SuperFratBoyExtreme 2019-02-06 21:09
It contains the worst, wrongest and most stupid statements man can possibly make about video games. The absolute worst opinion will be awarded with the least intelligent comment of all time award. You want it, right?
2 Name: Anonymous 2019-02-06 21:15
you won your own thread
3 Name: Anonymous 2019-02-06 21:20
the legend of zelda is a ripoff of minecraft because it has swords.
4 Name: Anonymous 2019-09-16 20:49
Smash is a fighting game
5 Name: Anonymous 2020-02-09 21:24
Every Sonic the Hedgehog game is better than the last one.
6 Name: Anonymous 2020-02-18 20:22
Pokemon sword and shield is the best pokemon game to date.
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Manco, Highly retarted insult from offensive third worlders.

1 Name: Anonymous 2020-02-15 19:12
Sometime seen in ingame chat "Manco 1 vs 1 beach nooob", Manco is offen used by third worlders.

gg Manco 44-0 noob.........
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AMD Radeon Issues.

1 Name: Anonymous 2020-02-14 22:19

Polaris was the last amd gpu with decent driver support. Polaris's did had few minor issue like cursor corruption and fan running at 100% in it's early days.

I hate that the only way to provide feedback to AMD is on reddit. Their forums barely has any staffs responding and their issue reporting form doesn't seem to be read by anyone. I've send a number of private youtube captures through the years of bugs in old games with AMD's report form and the video has never been viewed by anyone.

I'll probably lean to a used nvidia card when the rx480 retires. You get what you pay for. Working drivers, ungimped opengl, nvenc being the best integrated hw encoder while amd's vce trails even behind intel quicksync. Cuda support, you'll have to wait years before any project gets an opencl port. And a well optimised rendering pipeline.

Also no one asked for chromium on a driver install with no option to opt out.
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Rockstar Social Club.

1 Name: Anonymous 2019-07-08 23:28
Connection to download server lost. Reconnecting.

Connection to download server lost. Reconnecting.

Connection to download server lost. Reconnecting.

Connection to download server lost. Reconnecting.

Connection to download server lost. Reconnecting.

(Post truncated)
2 Name: Anonymous 2019-09-09 01:51
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Red Dead Redemption 2

1 Name: Anonymous 2018-10-31 21:12
As soon as you criticize this game negatively you get insulted by all its supporters
One would think religious who do not want to hear that their religion is defective...

it also proves the intellectual baseness of rockstar game players
2 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-03 20:05
why girls love to dress up like Harley Quinn? who the fuck cares is the right question.
3 Name: Anonymous 2019-04-06 16:55
Game was honestly not that good. First one failed to deliver for me because I expected GTA in the Wild West. I went into the new one with low expectations but shit, so tedious and boring. KCD, FarCry, just about any other game with guns/horses/bows WHATEVER is better than this shit.
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Keep my Xbox one or upgrade

1 Name: Anonymous 2019-03-30 16:55
Gamerfags, I don’t know whether to keep my Xbox one and upgrade to a different Xbox or go Sony.

I had a Sony circa 2009, then they had that breach. I was pissed couldn’t access PSN and went to Xbox. Had one ever since but now Sonys content has been killing and I want to have those games. Is it worth it. Help me decide
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29 Name: Anonymous 2019-03-30 18:03
PC where 40% of the games on there crash all the time for no fucking reason at all
30 Name: Anonymous 2019-03-30 18:06
As an Xboxfag, go kill yourself.
31 Name: Anonymous 2019-03-30 18:27
Pc full of aim bots and hacked accounts dodgy servers and generally just a shit experience pc’s are for homosexual gamers with an over inflated sense of superiority just arseholes really
32 Name: Anonymous 2019-03-30 18:28
Then is lasts for a long ass time.
33 Name: Anonymous 2019-03-30 18:32
Personally I only ever get Nintendo and Sony, they have they only exclusives I care about.

Pretty much any Xbox "exclusive" is also on PC.

While Xbox is trying to be a PC, Nintendo and Sony are still playing the console game.
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EuroGunZ (GunZ The Duel)

1 Name: Anonymous 2019-02-28 11:26
EuroGunZ (GunZ The Duel)

One of the best TPS I've ever played, I've been playing this in the last 10 years and this game never gets old. It's amazing all the different things you can do and the different game modes you can play. This game really needs more recognition.

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Kingdom Hearts is gay.

1 Name: SuperFratBoyExtreme 2019-02-05 21:29
Kingdom Hearts is literally just Bayonetta but gay.
2 Name: Anonymous 2019-02-06 22:44
And you're literally a potato.
3 Name: Anonymous 2019-02-06 20:21
Dead thread
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Living in a simulation.

1 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-13 00:27
If you knew or somehow found out that we were indeed living in a simulation, would you still play video games?
2 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-13 00:29
I mean, wouldn't it feel really redundant?
3 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-13 00:31
knowing something like that would change zero things in my life
4 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-13 00:34
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Reasons not to buy a Nintendo Switch?

1 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-06 21:29
ie: Nintendo is not a answer.
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14 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-06 22:59
true but more likely to keep psn and play smash wi roommates
15 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-06 23:02
It will take your time, energy and focus away from more important things both in your life and in the world as a whole. It's just to dumb you down and make you a slave.
16 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-06 23:05
Dont fucking buy it, worst crap system ever

No fucking internet browser
Lack of apps (barley added hulu)
NO VOICE CHAT OR MESSAGING (Pure retarded decision by nintendo)
Defective overly priced controller that break in a month (needs to be recalled)
Low amount of games solely based on old ideas
low end graphics card
plastic piece of shit excuse for a console
(Post truncated)
17 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-06 23:08
It’s made by a company that is willing to sell its fans literal cardboard for above-vidya-market-price.
They have remade the same game console over and over since the Wii
18 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-06 23:16
Good games (atleast a handful), but you will need to pay extra for additional equipment. For smash, you'll probs want a GC controller/adapter, and a LAN-adapter.

I was in Prague with friends this weekend and brought it along for smash and mario-kart for pre-drinks. Works amazing for stuff like this, since it's so small. I think it's worth it on sale, for sure.
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Why do I feel this way?

1 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-05 21:05
I was playing a game yesterday with my partner, during which a person started talking very lewd in chat. They went along with it, sending lovey dovey messages and love hearts.

I left the server, I made an excuse out of it that I had to brush my teeth and run some errands (which I did, but I was putting off). I used this time to reflect a little. I came back to the game, my partner was still playing in that server and by now it was full and the game didn't let me rejoin. I played by myself in a new server until the match was over. They told me they added the person that was talking lewd to them in chat, because they sent them a friend request.

Today they told me they talked to this person via Steam for about an hour and found out all sorts of things about him such as their political views, their sexuality, their weight and height. I found this out and now I'm kind of upset. They assured me they don't find them attractive. But, for some reason I feel sad deep down. What should I do? Why do I feel this way? Is it justified for me to feel like this?
2 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-05 21:58
3 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-06 21:29
beats me.
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I mainly play on Steam.

1 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-29 20:32
I started playing video games like two years ago (minus like the SNES we had in the 90's and occasionally the Gamecube my cousin had when we would go over) I mainly play on Steam but recently got a PS4 on Black Friday. I loved Doki Doki Literature Club, Emily is Away(2), A Tale Of Two Brothers, To The Moon, Stanley Parable, Life is Strange, etc. I noticed the pattern is I'm super into sad games. I was wondering if /games/ had any suggestions for sad games or poignant stories or whatever.

Also I have The Last Of Us on PS4 with a gift card I got for Christmas but I'm waiting until after I finish Spiderman before I start it. I figured with the Steam sale I should get recommendations while they're on sale and I'll get to them when I get to them.
2 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-30 01:00
while the overall game isn't sad, you should play red dead redemption 2

i never played the first red dead, but people told me it was a western gta

it is absolutely nothing like gta story wise, it was incredible OP
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1 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-29 20:34
i got emailed a video call 11b-x-1371 and i have no clue what the fuck this shit is. one of you anon fags comment with what the fuck to do.
2 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-29 20:42
one of you anon fags comment with what the fuck to do.
Well for starters you've got to get a hold of a teensy weensy bit of that weedle-dee-deed, boombadoop xD
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Turn on Xbox One get 3.2 GB update.

1 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-16 13:35
Can't play online til I've downloaded some shitty Xbox one update, please why Microsoft I only have 1.1 Mbps download this fucking DL will take hours, plus you make me pay for this shit, plus the crappy December games, I can't take anymore.
2 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-29 19:00
Just once I would like to turn on my xbox one and not have a fuck ton of updates before playing a fucking game online.
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Humble Software Bundle: Professional Photography

1 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-26 22:00
Humble Bundle have just posted a new bundle which covers Professional Photography, thought you guys might like this.

[Tier 1] Pay $1 (About £0.79) or More to unlock!
1. PhotoMirage MSRP: $69.99
2. Photolemur 2 MSRP: $35.00 (Red Dot Award 2018 Winner)

[Tier 2]
1. PaintShop Pro 2019 MSRP: $79.99
2. CameraBag Pro MSRP: $49.99

(Post truncated)
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17 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-27 03:46
Is Aurora HDR anygood.
18 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-27 04:03
Nah nothing like that.
19 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-27 04:20
Can't redeem any of the codes on Windows 7.
20 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-27 04:37
Some need Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.
21 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-29 18:55
Download GIMP it's free.
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Free Steam games

1 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-08 14:29
Free Steam games

COH2 are available for a limited time (December 10th), so add it to your account while you still can. If you want to thank me, check out one of my stories:
2 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-13 21:39
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She deserved it.

1 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-10 17:00
For those of you who dont know this Australian guy bashed his annoying cunt wife on live stream.

Here's the video:

Basically he wanted to have some time to himself playing a game and his annoying nagging cunt of wife came in and started antagonizing him, throwing things at him and baiting him into violence. When he retaliated, justly so she started pouring on the fake water works and called him a woman basher. She then attacks his manhood causing him to react again. This happens about 3 times and she goes from a noble strong independing womyn in one instance to a crying ltitle bitch victim in another. The psychotic levels of femoids is demonstrated here.

Women are cunts, stay the fuck away from them. Talk shit get hit cunts.

but muh violence against women is wrong
(Post truncated)
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30 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-10 20:41
So then since i'm not hearing a chorus of "yes we would allow this" then we can be safe to assume that the lot of ya'll don't actually give a single fuck about the "Natural Order" and simply use that as an excuse for using physical violence on other people to get what you want.

But if someone were to turn around and do the same to you, well that would be a crime.
31 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-10 20:48
You have no idea what their relationship is like. Sounds like they have a kid and he's a full grown man child in there playing video games. More than likely he's a fucking piss poor partne, and she's at her wits end, pissed she had a child with a loser.
32 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-10 20:55
I remember when I was a kid and thought all adults were so smart, wise, and mature.
Then I grew up and realize most of them act like petty children, and have no idea how to handle interactions with each other.

case in point this guy and his wife.
so glad my gf isnt an annoying cunt, and that Im not a man baby that has to use by fists to get what i want.

also ops writing is genuinely cringe inducing.
33 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-11 21:54
he slapped a bitch 4 months pregnant going hormone crazy once and some kid reported it online and the police actually showed up. blacklist the police that showed up and anyone that had anything to do with that
34 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-13 21:36
don’t like eye contact
pick up random things they find
make random noises

Are endermen autistic?
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Gaming dweebs.

1 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-08 11:15
Why are gamer types and other dweebs really concerned with letting people know how much they dislike things? They desperately want to be among the bitching consensus so that they feel a part of something.
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Fallout 76 storage limit issue.

1 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-19 20:01
The storage limit issue is on purpose. They're whole plan is to sell you storage space. It's a money pit.
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3 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-19 20:06
I really think it's because they only spent like 5 bucks to make the game
4 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-23 20:01
its way better than most games, and way better than any of the disgusting Bethesda "attempts" at making fallout (ha ha ha hahahahahah).

but calling it perfect is a stretch man. everyone already mentioned bugs, but there's other flaws too. Drab color palette, very poor combat that's only partially remedied by VATS, bullet spongey enemies

most importantly, quests whose optimal resolutions are often incredibly difficult to achieve without using a wiki. NOT because they would be that way by design of the situation, but because all the stupid quest triggers and necessary dialogues tend to be mish-mashed all over the place, and you can sometimes screw up stupidly for no reason, even though in-character that would never happen
5 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-24 19:21
We need to talk about what it means to be a real man and how society treats us gamers
6 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-25 21:20
i work at bethesda and i hate what it has become. i spent my life getting this job and it is terrible. i hate it. zenimax is just a conglomerate of jews telling us what to do all day. i started during fallout 3 and i loved it. skyrim was so much fun to work on. now...this is just awful. its fucking terrible and i feel like i ruined my life. my friends at rock star are happy but i cant move to nyc.

7 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-29 21:07
1 was clunky, but started it all. It’s a good game tho. I preferred 2. It had a smoother interface, more to do as well. The best things from both that never carried through tho; being able to kill anyone (kids and important characters), being able to destroy doors, the game changing depending on what kind of character you created, multiple ways of completing quests, karma, and the general grittyness/ adultness if the games.

Bethesda did some things right tho. Large open world with a lot of scavenging, memorable characters.

But with every game they move further away. Vegas was a step in the right direction. 4 moves way in the opposite direction. 76, idk. All it has is the fallout paint and nothing else. It kinda sucks as a fallout game, but its good enough for what it is.
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Battlefield 5 goes full SJW.

1 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-25 18:48
"Being inclusive is more important than being historically accurate." EA.
2 Name: SuperFratBoyExtreme 2018-12-09 02:04
What can I say bois...this game is boring. The only time I have the urge to play it is when my friends are over and I can play it with them. I fell for the hype again, cept this time it's worse bc I bought it digital :(
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